The blonde 360 wig and the blonde full lace wigs are both spectacular wig choices. Not only is the color an eye candy, but both of these wigs are usually trendy and highly versatile. However, there is often a sharp distinction in specific aspects of these particular hairstyles, as we shall see in our article.


Despite the two hair types serving a similar purpose, there are some features distinguishing the 360 from the full lace wig cap construction such as; price, sewing method, etc. Below is everything you need to know about both the blonde 360 and the blonde full lace wig.


What is a 360 blonde lace wig?

A blonde full 360 lace wig/ 360 blonde lace frontal wig is usually a complete wig made from a 360 frontal and hair bundles thus forming a blonde 360 wig.

The 360 human hair wig is a lace frontal closure wig that circles the head and usually has a lace part that is knotted on the lace hole using bare hands. The other part of the 360 blonde lace wig typically comprises a machine-made wig cap attached to the lace’s edge, and blonde hair strands sewn onto the machine-made wig cap.


Features of 360 blonde lace frontal wig

  • The 360 wig can be styled into a high ponytail and buns hairstyle because this particular wig usually completely circles your head.
  • The 360 blonde lace wig has a breathable machine sewn wig cap full around the head.
  • The 360 wig can achieve a variety of styles without necessarily exposing your hair bundles with a flexible wig net on the middle part.



Blonde Full lace wig defined

Unlike the blonde lace front wig, this particular hair has a base made from full lace. The 613 full lace wig strands are entirely handmade and sewn onto the lace cap. The hair color is usually black or blonde, and since the wig has a complete set of the hair strand, the lace wig looks as if natural hair is growing from your scalp. It helps black girls and weman to gain the best natural look even wearing a wig. 


Features of a full lace blonde wig

  • The full lace blonde wig is versatile, as it can part in any direction, with the possibility of also wearing it into a ponytail.
  • Full lace wigs typically come with baby hairs, hence enhancing its natural look.
  • Full lace blonde wigs are usually hand-tied and are more expensive than their counterparts, the frontal lace wigs.



Difference between the blonde 360 lace wig and full lace wig


  1. The sewing method 

The full lace covers your entire head during installation, unlike the lace front, which only attaches to your head’s front edge. The blonde whole lace installation procedure usually is complicated compared to the 360 blonde lace wig. Lastly, the full lace has a wig cap that entirely covers your head, unlike the front lace blonde hair.


  1. Price 

When it comes to price, the blonde full lace wig is pricey compared to the 360 lace wig, because the full lace is more versatile when it comes to styling it. It normally takes at least 2 days for a master to make a full lace wig, that is also the reason why it is more expensive than other wigs. 


  1. The wig cap construction 

There is a difference in the wig cap interior construction for the full lace and 360 blonde wigs. The full lace wig is entirely hand-knitted, which each of its strands sewn onto the lace cap. The 360 blonde lace front, on the other hand, has a lace that goes around the head, where its wig lace cap locates. A section of the 360 wigs is from a machine-made wig cap.


  1. Hairstyle variety 

When it comes to hairstyle variety, there is typically a difference when comparing the two. The full lace blonde is usually more versatile, as the hair easily parts sideways and can also comb backward. The full lace can style into a big bun or small deep braids, unlike the 360 blonde front lace wig. For full lace wig, you can do more pigtail hairstyles on any part or do any parting as you like. 


  1. Size of the lace 

The full lace wig usually has laces that cover the entire head, making it flexible; the 360 Lace wig, on the other hand, has typically a lace that only covers the hairline part from the beginning to the end. Lastly, the 360 wig has a lace that usually circles the wigs hairline region only.


  1. Breathability 

Both of these wigs are usually breathable; however, the full lace steals the show when it comes to the more breathable lace. The Hair Breathability concept is that the bigger the lace area of a wig is, the higher its breathability. Also there is a breathable wig net on the middle part of full lace wig. There is no breathable wig net on other kinds of wig cap, like lace front wig, lace closure wig even full 360 lace wig. 




Common features between the 360 front lace and the full lace blonde wig 


  1. Longer lifespan

Both of these wig types are highly durable, as they usually come from pre plucked human hair that is high quality, hence making them have a longer lifespan. If properly maintained, both of these wig types can last up to 1-2 year if proper hair care daily.


  1. Most natural-looking

Both of these wigs come from human hair that is indistinguishable from real natural hair when it comes to having a natural look. Both have a natural look and feel that mimics natural hair, and they also come with baby hair on the front hairline that usually enhances its natural look even further. You can only do some braids hairstyles on the forntal part if you use a lace front wig. 


  1. Both are soft, light and high breathable

When it comes to both the #613 360 wig and the #613 full lace wig hair texture, both are usually very soft and feel light when worn. When it comes to hair breathability, both wig types are highly breathable and comfortable when worn, making you forget that you even wore it in the first place.


  1. Both come from high-quality material.

When it comes to these two particular wig type materials, both the 360 wig and the full lace blonde wig come from virgin 100% human Remy hair that comes from the same head of a donor. The high-end hair is knotted in great detail with all the knots facing the same direction, each having their original cuticle intact.



I hope this article was useful in distinguishing the blonde 360 and the full lace wig. However, both of these wigs are usually high quality, tangle-free, and shed resistant and not to forget tear resistance. Shop your blonde full 360 wig or full lace wig on our website now.