When we talk about wigs, the lace closure wig and lace frontal wig come in mind. These particular wig choices are usually renowned for making ladies look elegant and stylish. Both these wigs are also used to conceal bald spots and even thinning hair.


The lace closure wig and lace frontal wig have hair strands that are sewed meticulously, both wigs also acting as protective hairstyles hence making them quite popular. So how do you draw a proper distinction or comparison when talking about the lace closure or lace frontal wig? In this article, we’re only going to define both wig types while pointing out their similarities and differences altogether. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!


Lace Closure Wig Defined

This wig has a shape that resembles a horseshoe and normally doesn’t cover your entire head. Closures are specialized to conceal specific sections of your head, more precisely the middle part. The wigs size is typically a 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 in terms of length and width.



The lace closure usually comes either as a free part, middle part, side part or three-part. The overall look is perfected by appropriately stacking the wig together. The materials used to make the closure is silk or lace. The lace closure is usually ideal when placed on the middle region of your head, as this often gives the impression that hair strands are growing from the scalp of your head.


Advantages of a lace closure wig

  1. Lace closures look natural and blend well with your scalp hair
  2. It’s a great wig choice especially if you have thin hair or small defects on your head you need to conceal.

Disadvantages of a lace closure wig

  1. The hairstyle lacks versatility when it comes to styling when compared to the front lace wig.
  2. It usually takes more time when installing, unlike some of the lace wigs currently available.



Lace Frontal Wig Defined

This particular wig covers your entire hairline from temple to temple and is usually intricately sewed to create braids or hair. The frontal is often 13x4 13x6 inches in size and comes in two different types that includes lace and silk frontals.



The lace frontal wig is quick to install and suitable for those ladies who have thinning edges. The frontal is usually breathable, lighter on the head, and also blends perfectly with your natural hair.


Advantages of a frontal lace wig

  1. It’s highly versatile as it can be parted in different directions while allowing you to style it accordingly.
  2. The frontal lace usually Blends well with your natural hair.
  3. It’s an ideal protective hairstyle that’s also breathable.
  4. It’s perfect for covering any bald spots or thin hair on your head.


 Frontal lace wig Disadvantage

        The wig is usually costly when compared to the lace closure wig.



The Difference Between Lace Frontal Vs. Lace Closure

1. Cost

When it boils down to cost, lace frontal wigs are usually more expensive compared to lace closure wigs. Frontal wigsare a little bit pricey because they’re typically considered a halfway done wig, unlike the lace closure wig hair piece covering only a specific region on your head.


2. Size

There is usually a contrast when it comes to the size difference when comparing frontals with closures. Frontals are usually13x4 inches and cover the entire hairline, while closures are 4x4 5x5 inches and are typically installed on a specific region of your head. It’s worth mentioning that the size described is based on the lace material and not the length of the hair system.


3. Versatility

When it comes to styling, the lace frontal wig can be styled in various ways as it can be pulled, parted and made into numerous hairstyles. On the other hand, the lace closure cannot be drawn to the back of your head, and styling it entails combing it all the way to the end without worrying about having to remove your hairline. Lastly, frontals cover a whole hairline and is therefore, the most preferred, more precisely for ladies who have a thinner hairline.





Similarities between a lace frontal and lace closures

  1. Both hair types come from the same human hair that blend naturally with your hair and are both used for beautification purposes.
  2. Both frontal and closure are protective styles of wigs which help in securing your natural hair.
  3. lace frontal wigs and closure wigs have a wide variety of textures to choose from, that include curly, straight, wavy, etc.
  4. Both types of wigs come from lace materials that are flexible and breathable. Frontal and closures installation involves using either adhesives or tapes, which easily blend with your natural hair.
  5. They are easier to install than full lace wig or full 360 lace front wig, because there are the whole part of the elastic band on the back part. It is more flexible.


Choosing between the Lace Closure and the frontal lace wig

Which wig would you prefer when it boils down to making a single choice? The decision however, will entirely depend on your preference among other factors. For instance, if you’re all about versatility, then the lace frontal is ideal for you; on the other hand, if you’re all for affordability, then choosing the lace closure is advisable.


When your choice is the closure, you won’t have to worry much about the price, and also you can easily part it freely either towards the middle or side. Frontals alternatively are for those ladies who like to wear a particular hairstyle over a prolonged period.


However, for those ladies who want a highly versatile, flexible hairstyle that’s easier to part or style, then the lace frontal might just do the trick.


Whether you want a natural look that’s stunning or you happen to have a bald spot or thinning hair that you want to disguise, both of these wigs will most definitely come in handy. The two lace wig hairstyles are convenient in that they are of high quality and quite effective.




Whether you choose the lace closure or lace frontal, one things for certain, the result will always be appealing and satisfying. Both of these wig types usually come in various lengths, colors, and textures that are sure to meet your taste. I hope this article was worthwhile in drawing distinctions and similarities between the lace closure and the frontal lace wig.