Last time when we talk about "Should I use glue to wear a wig" on the last article, and we received some message from our customers about how to use glue safely without hurting the natural curly hair. Therefore, we hope to teach our customers more if you wanna use glue when you wear a wig. 

As we can see, there are 3 kinds of wig installation. 

  1. No glue, no tape.
  2. Use Glue like got2b glue or got2b spray, bed head Tigi Spray.
  3. Use tape.


Today let's talk more about how can I use the glue safely without damaging my own natural hair! 

1. Use Glue Spray

The first thing you can use gel all over your own curly hair to create a really secure base, and obviously the glue will be dry really hard so it means that your base is gonna be super flat and smooth. If you don’t wanna use gel on it, you need to do a good braid to make sure it is tight and flat.  You can click to read more details of how to preparing your own curly hair before you wear a wig.

Secondly, you can use a comb or something else to slay the glue gel on the hairline part, to make your own curly hair flat and also it can apply the wig well. Tips for you, you can spray got2b or use got2b glue on a little front part from your hairline, not on your hairline, it can help you protect your own hair. Then use your brush to make the glue more evenly. Some girls prefer to use their fingers too. Choose any one way of them if you feel comfortable.

Then the third step is to apply a wig net, you can use bobby pins to make it firm with your braid hair, or use glue gel too. This is the third layer to secure but if you don’t wear the wig for a long time, you don’t need to do 3 layers, can reduce some of them. For the wig net, each order on, we will send 2pcs of wig net as gifts to help you install it easily. 

Then you can use a blow-dryer and choose a medium heat and you dont want to drag too much because then the glue gel actually gets dry. And you had better touch it every second to make sure its sticky. When it is sticky, it is time to put your wig on now.  Then you can use a little bit Kakadu serum to make sure your hair is hydrated while it is under the wig. Also, you can spray a little on your wig and quickly brush it before you install it if it is straight or body wave texture.

Finally, lets apply the wig on. Because the gel is dry so you can apply it from the back to make sure all the head is comfortable and matched well. Now grab a big section of hair on each side lift and drop onto the gel, then just start to set it with the end of your rat tail comb. You had better pay more attention to this part because the lace might be folding under or the hair is under the lace or something. That is also the reason why you need to use a tar tail comb. After getting all of the hair from the outside of the lace, and finally what you need to do is got your new hairline more natural. Some girls prefer a hairline with baby hair, some may not. Just do it as you want!


You can click to take a glance at this beginner-friendly quick installing a wig on the review below. Share by our hairstylist customer: @MsChloe 


 2. Use Glue Tape 

Wig tape can be used as a bonding adhesive for securing a wig. But it isn't commonly as robust or negative as wig glue, that maybe because it is not that pretty slay as glue preference. The wig tape frequently shows as strips that are already portioned out, then you can cut them down into a size you need. Wig tape can additionally come in the structure of a roll like any different tape you'll use. You can reduce this tape down to a measurement you are blissful with too. Before you use it, you need to know where your wig lace to sit, then you can begin to do it. First, you can use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to make sure the cleaning of the front part of your hairline. Now, you can peel the defensive paper off the wig tape and follow on my own your hairline the place you desire the wig to go.
Next, you will put the wig in location and press down on every place the tape is for a few seconds.
Before making use of the tape, you had a better line the wig on your hairline part to make sure the wig tape can fit and is in the spot as you need. Once you are comfy with the way the wig looks, then to tape it down.