Fed up with the old hair dye and want to try something new this time? Willing to try new hair color on you? Well, colored hair has been a trend for a long time now. You can transform your looks and slay in every different hair color you use.


But if you don’t want to change your real hair color, then you can certainly go with a dyed hair wig. Maybe a blonde wig or something? 


But how can you get your desired colorful wigs during the lockdown? Well, that's a problem these days!


Then let’s dye the wig at home this time and make your hair a new color at home!



How to make your wig a new color at home?


Before starting the process, let me clarify that I’m sharing a full lace wig and a front lace wig dyeing techniques because you need to avoid lace staining, and that's what I will tell you to do. 


  • Before dying, make sure you have full equipment like a hair dye, a plastic mixing bowl, shampoo, a wig stand, a conditioner, rubber gloves, and a towel. Also, Do you know how to make your 613 blonde wigs more natural skin-life cap? Click here to check details, we offers some methods for you!


  • To let the dye penetrate evenly across the wig, you have to deeply condition the human hair wig a week before you’re willing to dye.So that the wig hair becomes smooth. Don't forget to wet the hair wig before dyeing.


  • Pin the wig carefully on the wig form and divide the hair sections into 4. Like Top, both sides and the back and clip them with an alligator clip.


  • Now prepare your cream dye according to the instruction given on the stain. You have to select prominent colors for blonde lace wigs it wouldn't work out for the lighter shades. That's because the blonde hair is already bright, and the tone may change if the hue you pick.


  • You can use cream dye to avoid any random color on the lace as it sets quickly on hair.


Taking off the clip, start with the top section. Apply the dye from roots to the end. Take foil pieces and hold a thin layer of the dyed part. Wrap the dyed layer in the foil.

Repeat the same process with all sections


  • Once you have doneplace the wig form in the sink and wash until the dye is off. Let it dry. Your dyed wig is ready! 



In case you get some dye on the lace of the wig, remove it abruptly with a piece of cloth. 


Also, you have to keep in mind that using a blonde lace wigyou have to opt for colors carefully. That's because lighter shades like white, yellow, silver, and pastel will not get prominent. Likewise, the synthetic wig cannot work with the lighter shades, and also, you cannot bleach them like human hair.

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Drying the wig in natural air is good; however, if you want to wear it really quickly, then you use the dryer with the minimum heat.


So let me know which shade you have selected for your wig dye?





Check this video down below to learn more skills when you coloring different color:

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