When you get bored with your older hair color then obviously you will need a prominent change. As for color changing has become inevitable now in almost all the countries around the world. Where you must change the color, at the same time, you need to pick the right color for you to match your skin tone. So, you may not look odd with it. This is what experienced ladies can do who have changed hair colors so many times till now. But if you are a beginner, and want to color your hair by yourself then you must know the scheme of color and skin tone. Well, if you are not willing to change the color for a long time, then you can use the best blonde lace wigs or colorful bob transparent lace wigs for a temporary time. Today, I’m going to share the best tips to choose a hair color for beginners so keep reading it! 



Tips for Wig Beginners to Choose a Hair Color! DIY Your Hair Wig Now


Follow the steps to understand your skin and hair color combination:

Find Your Color!


1-The best and easy way to find out your skin combo is to check your undertones. As you do in choosing the right foundation for you. Chelsea Bulte, who is a famous colorist praised by all the celebrities in Hollywood Nito Zero One Salon has recommended undertones checking from wrists. According to her, you just have to check if your wrists have greenish undertones than you have warm undertones if you see blue or purple than your undertones are cool. Likewise, if you find both blue and green undertones then you have a neutral undertone

2- For warmer undertone with dark skin, it is best to go with maghony, reddish and copper shades and you can use Loreal, Garnier, Olivia, and Olia brands for the perfect shade. You can also take blonde full lace wig or other colorful human hair wigs with transparent lace in the blonde shade and can dye them at home. I will share the technique at the end.

3- For lighter undertones, you can go with the shades rich black, icy brown, pink and purple combinations and red-brown shades. The above-mentioned brands will work for all colors. 

4-For neutral tones try red-brown dark blonde, brown and black shades. Again, you can find the shades in the above-mentioned brands.




Choosing a Wig

If you want these hair colors but not on your hair, then you can use wigs and dye them according to your undertones. Now you may have some new problems: where I can get my good quality blonde lace wigs and colorful wigs?

For blonde hair, for neutral undertones, you can buy blonde Lace wigs or colorful human hair wig transparent lace wigs from Shelahair, which is one of the best blonde wig vendors in this world. Shelahair online shopping mall offers transparent blonde lace front wig, blonde 13x6 lace frontal wig, which with 6inch bigger/ deeper parting space, blonde full lace wig also blonde full 360 lace wigs. For textures, Shelahair still offers various choices: straight wig, body wave, classic deep wave, even kinky curly hair, loose wave. We believe each girl loves changes in different color wigs and definitely would have a special blonde day in this life! 

For colorful wigs, there are some different colors there to choose from. Red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, grey, silver and also rainbow color wig. For example, for the red color wig, you have more choice as dark red, burgundy red, light red, black root red wig, ombre red wig, red bob wig, red deep wave wig, burgundy deep wave wig, red body wave wig, red loose wave wig. 



DIY Your Wig

Some girls may have a question here, I have a blonde wig on hand now, how to do the color I want now?

If you already have a blonde wig at home or in any other color, then you first have to apply conditioner a week before you dye them. It can help you to protect the wig during coloring and last for longer life. Never forget that you need to treat your wig like your own hair, it can serve you for a longer time. 

Before you begin to bleach or color the wig, mix the cream color and divide the wig into four sections that are top, left and right, and back.

Tips for you to try color if you are new to this: You can hold a front strip of hair and apply the cream from root to end. Then what you need to do is just wait for some minutes to see what happens.  Place the foil beneath and wrap it. After color confirms, You just need to repeat the process with all hair.

Once you are done place the wig form in the sink and wash thoroughly, let it dry in the fresh air. If you stain the lace somehow, just rub it with a dry cloth at once. There you go with the best hair colors of your own choice!


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