As Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday is coming, people shop wigs online. In 2020 New Trend Wigs come in more and more shapes and sizes for different types of usage. Wigs are becoming increasingly popular among black women yet again. The protective features help to keep your natural hair growth. They also give you options to style your hair into many different hairstyles.


What is shared with all wigs these days is that they aim at providing the wearer with a natural and authentic look. The crucial part of natural hair that many people forget is the presence of baby hair. Normally when you order a wig online, you will get a wig with the pre-plucked hairline with baby hair, also you can do more DIY baby hair look to fit your meet too.


What is Baby Hair for wigs?


Baby hair is essential to help you get an authentic look while wearing a wig. These are the outgrowths along your hairline that are usually uneven. This is because these hair fibers are just starting to grow out and haven’t reached their full length yet. They might seem annoying with your natural hair, but they are an integral part of anyone’s look that usually gets unnoticed.


The lack of baby hair can give away the fact that you are wearing a wig. Thus many people prefer to keep baby hair with their wigs to get a natural look. If your wig doesn’t come with baby hair, you can easily make some on your own.



How to make baby hair on lace front wigs


With our expert guide, anyone can get a natural look with their desired hairstyle while wearing wigs. Baby hair is an essential part of any wig. To make baby hair for your wig, follow the guide.


Materials required


  • Comb with a thin end or needle
  • Wig glue
  • Blow dryer
  • Scissors
  • Mirror


Steps -


Wearing the wig


  • Before heading over to making your very own baby hair, you have to wear the wig. This can be done quickly with the help of the glue method.


  • Wear the wig on your head and remove the excess frontal lace by carefully using scissors. Make sufficient cuts along both the ear lobes to get a snug fit.


  • Using the wig glue, affix the wig securely along your natural hairline. This should cover your natural baby hair.




Cutting the baby hair


  • When your wig doesn’t come with baby hair at all, the hair length is the same for all the strands. It is necessary to cut your hair into shorter strands along the frontal hair to get a natural-looking baby hair.  


  • Using the end of your comb, fish out a few strands along the front and the sides of your wig. It is essential that you don’t cut out a lot of the frontal hair as it can damage the natural hairline of your wig.


  • For a natural look with your baby hair, it is crucial to cut the hair strands into different lengths. Hair growth can start at any moment, and hence, no two baby hair should ideally be of the same size. This helps you get a more natural look with your wig.


Styling and fixing the baby hair


  • Baby hair can be curved, straight, and come in varied shapes and sizes after you have cut your baby hair strands. It is now time to style your baby hair strands.


  • To make your baby hair curly wound the long baby hair strands along the thing end of the comb/needle and let it be for a while.


  • After some time, remove the comb/needle, and your baby hair would be curly. This is ideal for baby head along the sides and near your neck and earlobe.


  • For the straight baby hair strands, fix them in their position using some wig glue which can be spread by your hands while wearing gloves. Alternatively, you can also use an unused toothbrush. The bristles help to spread out the glue evenly.