Wigs are one of the most basic hair styling amenities that have revamped the way women can change their look. Many women around the world wear wigs for drastically different reasons. Through pop culture, the trend of wearing wigs for hairstyling has come back into trend and has made a large impact on the hair styling industry. Wigs are worn not only by black women but by anyone who wants to quickly and efficiently change their look overnight.




Benefits of wearing wigs


Wigs are used for multiple purposes and here are a few advantages to wearing one -


  • Styling


Changing your look on a regular basis can be a tiring and expensive experience. Now by investing in a wig you can easily color, curl, straighten, perm your hair almost every other day.


  • Change your hair texture


Not all of us are blessed with great hair texture. Black women are known to have great hair but environmental conditions can severely affect your hair texture. Wigs come in a variety of texture and now you can change the way your hair feels.


  • Longevity


Through proper care, you can make a wig last for years on end. This will be a great economical way of hairstyling while growing your natural hair.


How to style human hair wig?


Upon wearing a wig, the human hair on your wig lace would give you the best natural look possible. Just like natural human hair, you can easily use the same equipment to color, curl, perm your hair. Here’s how to style your wig to the best possible look -


Wearing the wig safely


  • Start by cutting the excess lace on your base cap to give you a natural look. Cut your lace with small scissors to ensure you don’t damage your delicate skin. Extra lace is not suitable around your ears, forehead especially if you are wearing a stocking cap under the lace. The lace on the forehead is the most visible and should be cut back till the hairline


  • Clip your wig hair to ensure it doesn’t come in the way of you styling your hair. Use clips to keep any unwanted hair parts from getting cut.


Styling your wig


  • Before styling your human hair wig it is important that you define a middle partition on your natural looking hair just like you would do with your real hair. A fine-toothed comb would help you with this in the best way. Using a blow dryer while combing allows you to better define the middle parting


  • To make styling your human hair wigs easier you should use a little bit of water to wet your wig hair. Wet styling is best combined with roller sets for your curls and a perm rod set. Using styling foam and some natural lotion can help you to smoothen your wig hair.


  • If your wig hair is getting all fuzzy after styling them, then you can easily use your hands to smoothen the edges out.


  • Drying the hair is the best way to ensure that your hairstyle stays the way you. If your wig hair is wet, then you should use a towel and gently blot the water out. Instead of a blow dryer, you should let the air do its job hair. While restyling you can easily use a blow dryer, curling irons, and flat irons on low heat settings. For 613 hair and wig, you need to treat them more carefully. 


  • Use a setting spray to secure the hairstyle. You can also get some shining spray to give your human hair wig a more natural look.


Here are some styling options recommended by our experts -


  • Curly
  • Straight and permed look
  • Loose and messy look with few curls.






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