Q: What is the difference between a Full Lace Wig and a lace front wig?


A: Full lace wigs are wigs that have an entire wig cap design made from lace, so they also have lace around the whole wig perimeter. The full lace wig hairstyles can include more flawless ponytails or high updos. Finally, an undetectable and natural hairline is achievable with proper adherence and application of the full lace.

Lace front wig, on the other hand, are wigs that only have laces on the front part of the hair, and the remaining section of the wig made from a normal or regular wig cap netted or having other relatable materials.

A majority of lace wigs have adjustable straps and wig combs that ensures the wigs are secured when worn. The full lace or lace front wigs can be pulled back into a ponytail or parted from in the front, but only full lace wig can be parted everywhere on the whole wig.




Q: Which lace color I should choose?


A: There are brown lace and transparent lace to choose from when you buy a wig. Once you choose a correct lace color, the lace on the front of the wig usually blends effortlessly with your skin tone, which perfectly mimics natural hair having a real hairline.

For all of our blonde 613 lace wigs are transparent lace, and there are 2 options of black lace wigs: brown and transparent lace. Transparent lace can be fixed by foundation to fit all kinds of skin colors. 




Q: Can I curl or straighten my lace wig hair?


 A: Yes, our human hair lace wigs come from natural 100% human hair, and hence styling the hair is easy using household styling tools such as flat and curling irons. It's worth pointing out that just like natural hair, human hair easily gets damaged with excessive heat application on the hair. You can use a flat iron and curly iron heater, but please remember do not exceed 200℃. And if you buy a body wave, loose wave, water wave, wet wavy or other wavy hair and wig, or the kinky curly, roman curly, Italy curly hair or wigs, you can wash the hair and don’t worry that the hair will wave back up after a wash, so there is no need to make curly or wavy on it again.




Q: How often can I curl or style my wig?  


A: As long as you are wearing authentic 100% human hair, often styling and curling are possible. However, it's essential to follow the wigs guidelines always to style it appropriately and avoid heat-related damages. Lastly, curling your wig at home is also possible using a curling iron with proper practice. 



Q: How long will my wig last?


A: Remy, virgin, and human hair, if properly maintained, usually last for about a year. Also, the lifespan of your wig depends on how often you wear it and how well you take care of it. The quality of your hair upon purchase influences its lifespan. When it comes to its maintenance, it's always advisable to wear a hairnet when going to sleep to prevent your wig from tangling. 

If you buy our glueless human hair wigs, you can wear the wig every morning and take it off every night when you go back home, then put it on a wig mannequin head to keep the textures well. If you wash a wig, we suggest do not use a hairdryer to dry the hair and wig, also do not let the wig in the front of a fan or air conditioner, just let it air dry. You can click here to check out this page to learn more details about our wigs life-lasting. 




Q: Will my lace wig fall off?


A: The answer is No, our lace wigs have straps that are adjustable and have wig combs that hold everything in place. Lace wigs are also firmly glued to your scalp using wig adhesives. For those ladies who are particularly active or like engaging themselves in certain activities such as swimming and are concerned whether the wig will hold up ought not to worry. The wigs can be sewed into your hair as you would with a standard waft hair.



Q: Does the hairline on the lace wigs have a natural look?


A: The answer is Yes if correctly worn, the hairline perfectly resembles that of natural hair growing from your scalp. We make a preplucked hairline with natural baby hair on the front of all of our lace front wig, full lace wig or full 360 wigs, so you can easily reach a natural look.



Q: How can I achieve that natural look?


A: Having a natural entirely depends on the proficiency of your stylist. Achieving a natural look involves wearing your wig correctly and having it customized and styled with features that better suit you. Or you can follow this video which is shared by our customer to learn how to wear a wig with natural look step by step.




Q: What kind of shampoo can I apply to my wig?


A: It's advisable always to use regular sulfate-free shampoo for natural hair. Sulfate is harmful to your hair as it causes the hair to strip, leading to dryness and also tangling. When using a hair conditioner, make sure that you dilute it using water to neutralize any hair harmful ingredients. 



Q: Can I wash & blow-dry Lace Wigs?


A: When it comes to washing your lace wig, we recommend using sulfate-free products. However, when it comes to blow-drying your hair, always ensure that the blow-dry is in low setting. Regular blow drying is not recommendable, only when urgent, alternatively air drying your wig after a wash is highly advisable. 



Q: How do I clean my human hair wig?


A: Fill your basin with warm water and then add small amounts of sulfate-free shampoo, while swishing the wig gently around the bowl. Finally, rinse the wig gently and carefully using lukewarm running water, then shake it hair, hang it and let it drip and dry. Avoid blow-drying, heating, or brushing the wig while wet as this tends to damage the hair fibers.




Q: Do I lose my edges when I wear a lace wig?


A: If you properly wear or remove your wig, then you won't lose your edges. It's essential to glue your hair in the right position, while carefully trimming your lace, so that is blends well with your natural hairline. Also some ladies prefer install their wigs without glue. You can click here to learn HOW TO WEAR A WIG WITHOUT GLUE

The type of glue used is also important. For instance, if you happen to take off your wig regularly, then a less permanent adhesive is the ideal choice. Ensure that you properly remove your wig by gently applying a glue remover or warm water and always avoid ripping the hair off.

Always condition both your natural hair and wig to keep them clean and fresh. Finally, make sure your natural hair is always dry before wearing your wig to avoid itchiness that can lead to edge loss. 

You can click to check out more details about how to melt the lace without damaging your own curly hair.



Q: What type of human hair wig products should I use?


A: Invest in high-quality shampoos and conditioning products for adequate hair maintenance. Condition and shampoo your wig as you usually would with your natural hair, to keep it manageable and also super soft. Other than that, you can always use hair sprays and gels to keep your curls and style in check. Lastly, it's usually advisable to wash always clear your hair from those hair products as they tend to damage the wigs in the long run.


Q: Which glue should I use for a wig install?

A: Got2be glue or spray, Ghost bond classic wig glue, Bold hold lace wig tape.




Q: What is the beginner friendly quick step to install a wig step by step?

A: 1. Choose a stocking cap close to your skin tone, use Got2B Glued hairspray to mold cap on top of your hairline for the fake scalp.

  1. Cut excess from stocking cap.
  2. Use Got2B spray on the edges as well for hold. The cap will mimic a scalp look under your lace while worn.
  3. Remove residue from your face. Dont forget to use alcohol to clean your skin.
  4. Use foundation to mimic your skin tone. (It depends on your need. ) Apply the makeup foundation and blend on a stocking cap. Also, apply the foundation to under portion of the wig of the reflecting skin.
  5. Use Got2B or if use bold hold lace wig tape, just make sure you cut the tape properly, you can make strips the size you desire, then make sure you apply each tape with slit in the middle. This would make it easy to remove when taking the wig off.
  6. When applying the wig, you can leave a little free edge to lay the baby hair, then you can also easily refresh edges as needed.
  7. Use your blow dryer on cool for about 5 minutes to help cure the lace to the take and skin.
  8. Finally use the Got2B glued or gel on edges.