We have shared some tips on how to make smooth baby hair before, (you can click here to read about how to make a perfect baby hair) and some girls asked us about ideas of different stylish baby hair look. Today we gonna share some tips on it.

When girls wearing a new lace front wig or a full lace wig, they all hope to win some compliments among their friends. The natural hairline with gorgeous baby hair must be one of the most important things of wearing a wig. A well-kept hairline is essential for making you stand out from the crowd as its usually the first thing noticeable when someone interacts with you. Below are tips that can help you have an edge when it comes to styling your baby hair.




  • Short baby hair that's straight and goes down

For those ladies who prefer a slick short and straight baby hair that goes down the lace edges, then apply either hairspray or gel on the baby hair then gently smooth it straight downwards as per your preference. It is the easiest way to do a baby hair. Therefore if you prefer to wear a wig and take off it every single day, it is the best choice for you.  


  • Short baby hair that's wavy and goes down 

Here is another good choice for you if you are a lady girl wanna get a lazy but pretty natural look on your human hair full lace wig. For this wavy baby hair look, using a comb, make sure that you start from your hairline front. Take a small portion of your hair about a centimeter at the back of your temple, separate this particular hair strand then apply some hair gel. Using a fine-toothed comb or your fingers, comb and shape the baby hair into your desired waves. This look typically looks natural when the baby hair around the hairline is short. Some girls prefer to use a toothbrush to do their baby hair, you can try it too. You will get a neat wavy baby hair look on your straight wig or wet and wavy wig.   


  • Longer baby hair that's wavy and goes down 

In case you want to style your baby hair by slicking it wavy and going down, then use a holding gel such as olive oil. Apply the gel on the baby hair and slick it gently down along the sides of your head, then use the comb to create waves. When you do long baby hair, a toothbrush is also a good choice for you.



  • Curly baby hair on the edge of your wig 

For those ladies who prefer their baby hair to look frizzy on the wig edges, always add hair powder moderately on top of your baby hair and then work on your hair starting from the roots. Using your wrists, spread the powder particles on your hairline in a circular motion. 


  • Curly afro baby hairs

The most complicated situation is when you are wearing an afro wig. For this look, apply a small gel quantity on the baby hair, then work it into the baby hair at the front of the wig edge. Gently wrap the hair around your fingers and carefully loosen them to create perfect curls. Don’t forget to use a mane brush if you have a curly wig or afro wig!

Are you ready for the baby hair of your new wig?