In 2020, When you wanna go blonde, you don't need to wait for a so-called blonde season. In the contrary, it is up to you to swing; however, your temper approves you to. Dark skinned women, like African-Americans, are lucky, because they slay with the blonde wig, that blends can be properly with their chocolate skin color under proper preparing work. Despite the trend being on excessive gear, it is solely prudent to put on it right.


The most important thing for a wig is hairline. So let's see how to get a proper skin-like wig cap on a blonde wig and make it just like the growing hair from the scalp. 




TIPS: Pluck the hairline of the blonde wig properly


 As we all know, 613 blonde wigs are totally different from other wigs like natural black, brown or other color wigs. Blonde wig with transparent lace is light color hair, so it is really hard to see the hair. Therefore, there are a few different ways that it'll be easy for you to pluck your blonde wig. 


First, you can start off by traditionally plucking going backward, you can just part it off on the frontal part, and then pluck going in the opposite direction. Then if it would be easier for you to leave it up on your wig stand, you can do it like that. But if it is not, you can go ahead pick it up and put it in your lap. Then you just need to do pluck pluck pluck and then you can move some of the hair out of the way. You just need to do the same thing until you feel it is good enough for yourself. You can do pluck on 1 side first and compare it with the unplucked side to see how it is going on, then you can decide what you want. 


Another way of blonde wig pre-plucking is to put the lace on your skin, skin to skin is going to give you the most natural results when it comes down to plucking, it's the most accurate results. Actually, it is easy for you to see what the lace is going to look like up against your skin or your clients' skin. We highly recommended this step especially if you're a beginner and especially you are really don't know what you are doing.

This is honestly going to give you the best results that you need and it's also going to allow you to see exactly what you are doing and exactly how you want to create your hairline. Then you are going to do the same thing, pluck pluck pluck then move some hair out of the way. Then continue to pluck and continue to move the hair away, continue to do this same exact technique.


A detailed learning video attached, you can click to follow it step by step. Any questions about it, leave your comment below! Let's discuss it!




Girls, believe that no matter what skin color you have, you must be the queen when you rock a blonde wig with a proper technique of the preparing job. Rock your blonde day with Shelahair in 2020!