Wigs are the necessities of hair styling when you are trying to get the picture-perfect look. Lace wigs are important to help you get the desired texture of your hair along with the perfect skin tone match. Lace wigs help wig users to easily match their wig with their skin tone with their customisation options. By adding a tint to 613 Lace wig you can perfectly blend in the wig with your dark skin tone.


The purpose of lace wigs is to ensure that you get the natural look with your wig. Most wigs come with a generic base cap colour which can be easily changed according to your requirements. The 613 wig is famous for its blonde natural human hair wigs. The base cap on the lace wig is light skin coloured and requires some major tinting to match with your black skin tone.


The 613 wigs use swiss HD lace to get the best quality on their wigs. Tinting the lace of the wig can be a fairly easy process and but requires some learning to perfectly do the task.


Materials Required to tint Lace on 613 Hair Wig


To change the colour of your lace on the 613 wigs you are required to get the following materials -


  • Semi-Permanent hair colour / Fabric Dye
  • Hair colour brush or toothbrush
  • Mixing bowl
  • Gloves


Choose the right colour according to your skin tone. Adore, a brand of hair colour and Rit, a famous brand of Fabric dye come with a wide array of options to choose from while looking for the right shade. You can also mix a few colours to get your desired shade. For a darker skin tone, our experts suggest mixing Rit’s Tan and Taupe to get the perfectly tinted lace for your wig. Some other reliable options are dark brown or chocolate. Both Adore and RIt are easily available in your nearest supermarkets and Pharmacies.


How to colour the lace of 613 wigs?


Mixing the dye


Get a mixing bowl of adequate size so that your wig can easily fit into it. Now simply add the hair dye and developer in the bowl in ratios mentioned on the box to tint your lace. Alternatively, if you are using fabric dye, you need to mix the dye in hot water to ensure that the colour takes on the lace. Add the dye in the hot water mix till you reach the desired consistency of colour.


Colouring the lace


With care tie up the hair on the wig carefully in a ponytail so that you can comfortable colour the lace without disturbing the hair colour. Carefully dip the lace in the dye mixture to easily cover its surface area. Try to ensure that your wig hair doesn’t pick up any colour.

For best results, you can colour a small part of the base cap to check if it is the desired tint on your wig. If the colour is perfect then dip the lace completely otherwise repeat the previous steps to get the colour that you want.


With fabric dye colour parts of the lace with 30-second intervals to ensure maximum take up. After your desired colour has set in you can wash the excess colour with cold water.

Simply use a shampoo to easily clean your wig.


If it is your first time colouring your lace then test out the lace with your scalp once to find out the perfect colour. This will help you to have a better chance of getting your desired colour.


Note - using a conditioner on your lace can lead to the removal of a few hair strands due to their soft nature.  


Tinting your lace is a good idea if you have just bleached or coloured your wig hair. Sometimes the hair colour can set in on the lace as well and ruin the natural look.