If you're probably thinking of purchasing the 613 wig online, maybe for the first time or you previously had a disappointing experience, then this article is for you. The blonde wig is among the most elegant and spectacular hairpiece currently in the market.


However, buying a hair product, more particularly a blonde lace wig, can be tricky especially considering the many aspects and factors involved, such as the wig texture, type, quality, seller, etc. In this article, we will expound on factors to consider when purchasing the 613 blonde wig.


  1. Browse and do some online research

The first step when going online shopping is to peruse through different hair vendor websites and try looking for that particular blonde full lace wig that is most convenient for you. Always be on the lookout for the wig color, type, and style. Check out the different qualities offered and their price ranges. The other choice you have to make is whether you want a wig that's body wave, deep wave, straight or kinky curly textures. Lace textures usually vary with Swiss lace being softer among other laces.


  1. Decide what type of wig you need

The other consideration is, of what occasion is the hair intended for? Are you looking for a casual weekend wig or an official work wig? Or perhaps you have a split decision between the two choices? For those who are undecided about the wig choice, then going for a 613 lace front wig is ideal because it's cheaper compared to other wig types. The moment you're confident with your wig choice, then you can go for the more expensive categories.


  • How secure is my wig when worn

You need to ask yourself whether your hair is secure enough or not. Most wigs come with an adjustable strap that allows you to gently snug fit the wig on your head. Highly strapped and secured wigs are usually hard to come off unintentional unless someone pulls it off. Lastly, most wigs also come with a front and back unit comb. 


  • Choosing between Human Hair Wigs or Synthetic wigs

You have to choose between human hair or synthetic. Human hair comes in a variety of natural shades and is more durable compared to the synthetic wig. On the other hand, synthetic wigs usually come in a broader range of colors, which typically cost less. But we always suggest you buy a human hair wig because it looks more natural and slays well. You definitely will get more compliments if wear a human hair wig.  


  • Pick a Parting Style

The type of wig you choose must be either of the C- part or L- part unit category. Lace front wigs have a small parting area that curved and shaped like the letter C or L. It's worth noting that most L part wigs come in a semi-realistic part that comes pre-plucked and is usually ready to wear.


However, when your preference involves switching up your part style from middle to the side and back, the unit with 613 full lace wig is ideal for you. The parting area entirely depends on your wig choice as they come in a wide variety.




  1. Choose a seller

When it comes to blonde online wigs for salethere is usually a variety of selling platforms to choose from; however, we have taken the liberty to narrow down the top three best for you. The top three include wig manufactures, retailers, and online boutiques.


It's worth noting that prices vary for each wig as per the services offered. For instance, a personal wig stylist will charge more thanks to the wig's personal touch in terms of coloring and styling. However, when it comes to manufactures, they tend to create sensational wigs that based on general head shapes. Customizing the manufacturer's wigs can be customized to fit by tightening the straps on the wig unit or adding combs on the wig. There are 4 combs and an adjustable band on wigs if you shop on www.shelahair.com . 


Online retailers offer a variety of products, have a good return policy, and also reliable customer service. Online Hair stores typically have good sales, although prices might range based on the wig demand. Buying a wig directly from a manufacturer is also convenient and affordable; all one has to do is go to the manufactures websites or social media handles to make an order or inquiries. 



  1. Always Read Reviews

The other way to purchase a good 613 straight, curly, or 613 bob wig is through online reviews. The best platforms for looking for wig reviews are through hair channels available in different popular social media platforms.


Wig websites and blogs to have a detailed idea of the wig specs, the durability of the wig, and how its worn, maintained, etc. Always seek that expert advice to be more knowledgeable about your wig choice before making a purchase.



I hope this article provides a clear guideline on how to make an online blonde lace wig purchase, as the blonde 613 wig is a stylish and trendy wig choice. Here is the ultimate tutorial of blonde wigs coloring hair wig review for you to learn more tips.