Q: What is a blonde wig?


A: This is a kind of wig having a pale yellow hair color. However, the hair usually has an array of blonde shade versions such as the platinum blonde hair wig, the strawberry blonde wig, light blonde hair wig, etc. The color number is #613, that is the reason why we also call it 613 lace wig.



Q: What is a full lace wig?


A: A full lace wig is a specific wig that is 100% hand-tied using a wig cap and a high-quality Swiss transparent lace on top.




Q: What is Shelahair blonde full lace wig?


A:  Shelahair blonde full lace wig comes in pale yellow color with 100% human hair that is hand-tied to a wig cap. The blonde full lace wig is the most breathable wig, and it looks more natural, has a pre-plucked baby hair hairline, and is more comfortable to wear compared to most wig types.


Shelahair full lace blonde wig is also of high quality, and it comes in short, long, and bob blonde sizes. The hair can make a variety of hairstyles such as braids, a ponytail, bun, etc.



 Q: Does a 613 blonde full lace wig glueless?


 A:  All of our #613 Blonde full lace wigs are whole handmade human hair on a lace wig net. And there are combs/ clips on the wig cap also an adjustable band to make sure you can use it glueless.



Q: Should I use glue when I wear a blonde wig?


 A:  It depends on your needs. If you wear the wig every morning before you go out and take it off after go back home, you can wear it glueless or just use mousse. Click here to check out the mousse install tutorial shared by our hairstylist customer Chloe. If you wear a wig for days, you can use glue to make it firm.



 Q: What color the lace is?


 A:  All of Shelahair blonde full lace wig are best quality Swiss transparent lace. It can fit all kinds of skin color. For dark skin color girls, you can tint the lace or use your makeup powder to color the lace to make it most fit-table.  



 Q: In what texture does the full blonde lace wigs come in?


 A:  The full blonde lace wig usually comes in a variety of textures: the wavy blonde hair, the never-go-wrong straight blonde wig, classic body wave and sexy loose wave texture,  also the natural kinky curly, deep wave blonde wig which look more like natural curly hair. The wig texture comes from 100% virgin human hair, and it can be permed, bleached, and restyled.



Q: How often should I wash my 613 wig?


A: The number of times you wash your blonde wig entirely depends on how often you wear it. For instance, if you wear it daily, you can clean it after three to five days using high-quality shampoo. Always avoid twisting the hair as it usually leads to shedding, splitting, and also tangling.



Q: How do I store my blonde wig?


A: After removing your wig, gently clean it, and let it air dry. Place the wig on a mannequin’s head, or a wig stand to maintain the wig's shape and also preserve the hair for your next installation.



Q: How long will my 613 lace wig last?


A: A blonde wigs lifespan is about half to 1 year even longer time; however, it’s fair to say that the use frequency and also your hair maintenance routine play a very pivotal role. Also, the blonde wig is delicate as manufacturers usually bleach it before dyeing to color 613; hence making it have a fragile cuticle that needs extra care.



Q: Can I dye my blonde lace wig?


A: Yes of course you can. All of our 613 wig can be dyed into any color you want, also it can be colored for several times if proper hair care. You can click the video below to check out the blonde wig coloring tutorial shared by our customers.





Q: Which wig cap size of Shelahair blonde full lace wig?


A:  We offer medium, large, small wig cap to choose. Don’t forget to measure your head size as the followed wig cap size chart before you buy our wigs.

Medium (22.5"), Large (23.5"), Small (21.5")




Q: Which color on blonde full lace wig I can choose?


A:  Shelahair store offers pure blonde lace wig, also dirty root ombre blonde wig like 1b/613 black and blonde wig, 4/613 brown and blonde wig, also some colorful wigs.




Q: What’s the procedure for putting on my 613 full lace wig?



  1. Braid your hair to ensure that it's flat and neat.
  1. Wear a cap net first, then put on the cap to enhance comfort-ability and also to help prevent your natural hair from damaging.
  1. Wear the wig on your head and adjust it accordingly using the cap straps to perfectly fit on your scalp.
  1. After careful adjustments and with the hair in position, add adhesive on your forehead and then use a blow drier to let the glue dry off.
  1. Press the lace onto the wig and into place, then trim the edges to make it look even more natural than before.
  1. Finally, comb and style your hair as per your preferred style.



Q: What are the things to consider when taking care of my blonde wig?



  1. Always wash your wig before wearing it for the first time.
  2. Wash the wig using lukewarm water of about F (35 ℃)
  3. Avoid using the regular hair brush for combing your hair. Always use a wide-tooth comb instead to detangle or style your hair.
  4. After washing your wig, always let it air dry, or if you intend to use a blow dry, always make sure it’s on the lowest temperature.
  5. Lastly, always ensure that you carefully read through the hair guidelines and procedures.


We hope this provides a guideline on blonde full lace wig purchase, as the blonde 613 wig is definitely a trendy wig in 2020. Here is the ultimate tutorial of blonde wigs coloring hair wig review for you to learn more tips.