Blonde lace wigs are popular among black girls as they are unique, trendy and usually look elegant when worn, also can be colored into any color. However, when it boils down to choosing between purchasing a colorful wig or DIY color change, most ladies usually prefer the former. 


This is because, there’s usually a misconception that "Do it yourself" Dyed colorful lace wig color is difficult to maintain, which isn't true at all. On the contrary, taking care of DIY color wigs is easy if you follow the appropriate dyed blonde lace maintenance procedure. 


It's believed that proper care of a DIY dyed blonde lace wig can increase the lifespan of the hair for a maximum of 1 year while dyeing it severally with ease. It’s worth noting that after bleaching, the blonde color is usually more fragile when compared to other colors, and improper care often makes it dry, brittle, and also turn brassy. Luckily, we are going to discuss the various ways in which we can adequately maintain a DIY dyed blonde lace wig.



  • Only Shampoo your hair occasionally

Always avoid washing your hair two days before bleaching to prevent the bleach from burn your clean scalp. After coloring your human hair, it's usually advisable to wait at least two days before you proceed with shampooing, to allow the hair color to set evenly. Ensure that you always have a shower cap on to keep your 613 wig dry while showering and always avoid washing it daily.


Excessive Shampoo is known to remove the hair's protective coating and usually eliminates the hair's color pigments. Use a non-sulfate shampoo by gently working through your scalp using your fingertips. Finally, when done, rinse off your hair with cool water to reduce the fading process and also help close the hair cuticles.  



  • Use Dry Blonde Shampoo


When the dyed hair starts to look and feel greasy, always apply dry Shampoo. The Shampoo refreshes the hair and neutralizes the brassiness while adding volume to the hair while maintaining your curls.


  • Avoid Heat Damage

Before flat ironing, your dyed 613 blonde wig, ensure that your hair is always dry. If possible, always let the wig to air dry, however, should you choose to a flat iron make your you have a heat protectant while keeping your iron below 350 degrees. Finally, detangle your hair before flat ironing it.


  • Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Prolonged direct sun exposure is harmful to your light-colored human hair wig typically because the hair lacks protective dark pigments. Also, the hair is usually susceptible to UV exposure hence leading to color fade, considering the dyeing chemicals raising the hair cuticles.


When prolonged sunlight exposure is unavoidable, always ensure you wear a scarf or a hat that will protect your dyed hair against ultraviolet rays. The other alternative is to use a UV Spray on your hair when exposed to direct sunlight.


  • Regular Trims

 The blonde full lace wig or lace front wig needs to have a proper trim to enable the removal of split ends. Trimming of the hair is usually encouraged after every four to six weeks to help maintain a healthy and bouncy human hair. 



  • Regular and deep Conditioning 

 Always ensure you condition your blonde wig to help close the hair cuticle and also infuse your hair with moisture, hence maintaining the hair color. However, it's a fact that colored hair usually needs a lot of protection and moisture. It's therefore advisable to deep condition your hair and also scalp to help prevent breakage and also repair damages. Lastly, the deep Conditioning ensures that your hair is revitalized to look more colorful and stunning than ever. 


  • Hair Glaze Treatment

Finally, hair glaze treatment is another effective way to maintain the wig's color. It's usually advisable to apply the procedure two weeks after the dyeing your hair. The hair treatment helps to fix brassiness and also refresh the hair color while maintaining its shine and vibrancy too.