When it comes to a human hair lace wig, you are not simply caught with wig glue. If you are worn-out of lace wig that requires glue, you can try to buy a glueless lace wig instead. Using sturdy adhesives like wig glue to impenetrable your lace the front wigs can reason a lot of problems. Some black girls told us their naturally curly hair was damaged when using glue. Some others also said they are just new to wear a wig and have no idea about using a wig glue. Therefore, you should read it carefully!



First, when you use glue when wearing a wig, it would block your pores on the scalp which can lead to hurting your hair follicles. Secondly, it may stop your own hair from developing alongside your hairline and even thinning out your own hair that already there. Finally, on the grounds that latex is a frequent ingredient in wig glue, it can even purpose allergic reactions in some wig wearers.  All these 3 damages would lead to rashes, dried out hair, and even your hair loss.
If you've already got had a hassle with wig glue in the previous or you are surely searching for a safer alternative, there are pretty a few methods to impenetrable your glueless lace wig barring any damage. Keep studying and we will inform you all about them.



  • Preparing Your Own Curly Natural Hair For Wearing Your Wigs
  • Choose A Glueless Wig and Apply It Smoothly & Safely


1. Preparing Your Own Curly Natural Hair For Wearing Your Wigs

Before you start to install a wig, you had better get your own curly hair as clean and flat as possible. The choices differ based totally on the length, type, and texture of your own curly hair. Before you begin to braid them, you can spray some got2b first to make your own hair can braid more smooth and tight. 
1. If your hair just is cut into short hair or on the finer aspect, you can actually slick it again into a ponytail or braid it at the nape of your neck. Then you just need to impervious the length of the ponytail or braid towards your head with a couple of bobby pins. Normally when you buy a wig on shelahair.com, we will send you some bobby pins to help you easily protect your own hair.
2. If your hair is long and thick, it is not that easy but we still have some suggestions. It would possibly be great to put it in cornrows. You may not have to do any one-of-a-kind sort of design, simply straight back. Then you can pin your hair up.
After you finish it, another way to protect your own hair is by putting on a wig cap. However, it isn’t mandatory. If the lace of wig is not that matched with your own skin, you can put on a wig cap that fits your pores and skin complexion better.
This will assist you to create a greater natural-looking part.



2. Choose A Glueless Wig And Apply It Smoothly & SAFELY

When you purchase a wig on Shelahair.com, you can choose the correct measurement of the wig ccap size. It can help you wear it glueless successfully. You can see a wig cap measurement chart on the products page and measure your head size correctly then choose it.

Once your hair is excellent flat and smooth when preparing, now, it is time to apply the human hair lace wig. This procedure will be a little bit different and it is based on which utility approach you choose.

All of Shelahair glueless wigs are all come with 4 clips or combs sewn onto them, also an adjustable band there. There is generally one positioned at the top of the wig lace, and 2 combs above every ear, and the forth on the back of the wig lace. These places are surprisingly standard, however, your wigs producer would possibly do something different. If you do not sense very tightly closed with the way they are arranged, you can cut them from the wig lace but be more careful when you cut it, do not hurt the lace. If you need more to make the wig tightly, you can sew more clips or combs on. When you buy Shelahair wigs, we will send you some combs so you can decide to use it or not. Both wig clips and wig combs connect to your herbal hair nearly as a barrette will. They are exceptional used when the wig already has a nice, comfortable fit. Also, you can use the adjustable band to adjust it to match your head measurements well.