Prom is one of the most thrilling nights of each girl's life. But when it comes to discovering the best hairstyles and colors hair, it can additionally be very stressful for girls. Will you go curly or straight? Up or down? Bold or romantic? Black or Blonde? Red or Blue? Yellow or ombre color? Rainbow colorful wig or pure colorful wigs? With so many choices to select from, matters can begin to get a little overwhelming. But don’t worry about that, today we have you blanketed with these amazing promenade colors for all hair types. 


Choosing a hair color for your new look is fun. But at the same time, it is no less than an art. As hair plays a significant role in beautifying the face and personality, women are always conscious of choosing the best color for their hair. However, they need appropriate guidance from the hair experts if they want the best dye for hair.


But how can you seek guidance from an expert when there is a lockdown everywhere? As of course, if you are tired of your unattractive look, then you cannot wait for the lockdown to over. So, for the rationale, I'm going to share some best tips for you that will help you out to choose the right color for you! Stay tuned!





Best tips to choose hair color

Choosing the hair color depends on the personality, like which color will suit you with the skin tone and which color you pick now, which color you already have, etc. I'm mainly going to discuss the blonde hair color.


  • Regarding blonde hair, different shades come up with varying tones of skin. As for dark skin tone, caramel blonde will work out the best, as this color brightens the skin tone and creates a more refreshing impression.


  • Ash-blonde is a perfect choice for women with a lighter skin tone as it produces an attractive look. However, honey blonde will be a good option for a medium skin tone. The complexion will look sweet and will create an impression of awakening the hair color.


  • Furthermore, if you don't want a long-lasting hair color, you can go on with the colored wigs. As if you can't find a variety of colored wigs of your own choice, then you can use a blonde front lace wig and dye it at home with your favorite color.


  • Women mostly misinterpret dyed hair with the damage of hair; however, they do not damage hair if you get a dye from an expert, yet you can use front lace wig


  • Front wig can give you a natural look, and this type of wig is readily available everywhere in the market as well as online. If you a hair lover, then you might have one at your home.


  • It comes up in two types, like real human hair and synthetic hair. If you desire to change the color, then choose the blonde lace wig to wear and to dye. As these colors pick up every time nicely, you will get the desired result (Click here to check out our previous article about dying the wigs at home).


  • Trying a new hair color on your hair or a wig, you can put a little amount of the dye on the thin layer of hair to check if the color turns out to be good.
  • The wigs are not able to bleach once you have done so that you can choose the best hue for you.


  • The right color for you during this quarantine, and let me know which color or wig have you selected?



Here comes a helpful review for beginners and those who wanna color their own blonde wigs! Just read it and do step by step! You will get a bomb look finally!