Sometimes wigs, especially blonde wig tend to appear dull and unattractive when worn for some time, unlike previously when they used to glow, and we’re bouncy. You may also find out that your wig no longer holds up all the moisture, unlike before. When this happens to your lace front wig, then the chances are that you have split ends.


Damaged or unhealthy hair can be a girl’s nightmare as it typically makes your wig lifeless and can sure make you the talk of the town. Luckily, in this article, we will define the split ends, what causes them, and the methodology for tackling this problem. 



Split end defined

The splitting or wearing off of the hair shaft commonly refers to as a Split End. When a particular hair strand begins to develop split ends, its outer protective sheath exposes the inner layer, thus making it dehydrated and weakened in turn.


Factors that lead to split ends of your human hair wigs

  1. Regular washing of your 360 human hair wig.
  2. Excessive use of heating styling tools such as curling wands, blow dryers, and straightening irons. 
  3. Aggressive detangling of your wig when it’s dry.
  4. Using cheap quality hair products and tools such as combs and brushes.
  5. Lack of adequate conditioning of your hair.
  6. Detangling your wig when it’s extremely wet
  7. Excessive application of chemical treatments such as relaxers, hair dyes, and also perms.
  8. Sleeping without covering your wig and even on cheap non-silk pillowcases that promote friction between your hair.
  9. Mixing of many styling products such as hair sprays, gels, mousses, etc.
  10. Prolonged exposer of your wig towards direct sunlight can also lead to damage and split ends.
  11. Inadequate trimming of hair can also lead to split ends.



Why You Need to Trim your wigs Split Ends

1. Makes your hair appear dull and unattractive

Split ends usually tend to rob your hair of all its glow and shine, eventually making your hair look lifeless and also brittle, regardless of the amount of effort you put in conditioning or treating your wig. Nothing will revitalize your hair unless you trim off those split ends.


2. Split ends don’t disappear on their own

The other reason to trim your split ends is that it becomes worse with time. The split usually ends never go away regardless of how much time you give your wig a break. On the contrary, the longer your hair remains without trimming, the more the splits become worse.


3. Uneven pigmentation:

When your hair is untrimmed, it tends to have different pigmentations as split ends usually are lighter than the rest of your wigs section. This uneven pigmentation will therefore lead to a wigs’ discoloration, making it look unappealing.



How to effectively Trim Split Ends

Below are the three DIY methods on how to get rid of your wigs split ends. All you need is a pair of scissors, and your good to go.


 Hair Twisting Method

This trimming method is an effective traditional method that’s also common with professional hairdressers.


The things you’ll need

  • A piece of hair trimming scissors



  1. Always ensure that before starting, your hair is always dry.
  2. Select a portion of your wig hair about an inch and then tightly twist it in a clockwise direction, starting from the roots to the tips. Hold this twisted section of hair by its ends.
  3. The split ends in this juncture will automatically stick out If twisted tightly enough. 
  4. Proceed by trimming off the split ends that stick out, starting from the top to the bottom.
  5. Next is to re-twist the specific region, but this time in a counterclockwise direction, while ensuring that again, you cut off the split ends.
  6. To perfect this look, repeat the whole process on the entire remaining section of your head.


Trimming The Ends

This method is quite simple as it usually involves trimming off your blonde hair wig ends to get rid of all split ends.


The things you’ll need

  • Trimming scissors
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Hairbrush



  1. This method requires you to start with damp hair. It’s usually advisable to begin the process immediately; you’ve stepped out of the shower or if not, try wetting your hair using a spray bottle.
  2. Detangle your wig and remove all the knots by gently brushing your hair.
  3. Choose a section of hair about an inch and then clip the rest out of the way.
  4. Place the secluded 1-inch section of hair between your middle and index finger while ensuring that you’re holding it by the roots.
  5. With your wig tightly held between your fingers, proceed by sliding your fingers down until you’re 1 inch away from the ends. Hold this section out in front of you.
  6. Proceed by cutting off an inch or two of your wig, bearing in mind to keep the scissors held perpendicularly during the entire process.
  7. Repeat this trimming procedure to the remaining section of your wig.


Hair Sliding Method

This last trimming method is quite unconventional, and it usually involves straightening your hair before cutting off those split ends.


The things you’ll need

  • Wide toothed comb
  • Hair trimming scissors
  • Straightening iron
  • Heat protectant



  1. Apply a heat protectant, then straighten out your wig.
  2. Using a wide-toothed comb, detangle your hair and also remove any knots that may have formed.
  3. Select a hand-full section of hair about an inch.
  4. Starting from the roots, proceed by wrapping this section of hair under your index finger, then through the middle finger, and finally under your ring finger. This move will, in turn, allow you to see hair only above your middle finger and also split ends sticking out.
  5. Next is to snip off the split carefully ends using the trimming scissors.
  6. Slowly slide your finger down the section of hair, still wrapped around all your fingers, and trim off the ends.
  7. Continue the same procedure of sliding and trimming and ensuring you reach the end of each particular region. Repeat the same action on the remaining part of your wig.



Trimming your hair is essential as it contains many positive attributes that will eventually lead to a healthier wig. However, split ends are usually a result of improper hair maintenance routine or lack of it. It’s therefore advisable to take care of your wig to avoid it getting damaged by splits ends.