The blonde human hair wig is one of the most stylish and fashionable types of wig currently in the market. Purchasing a 613 hair wig is ideal for ladies as it defines beauty and elegance. The sheen, color, and bounce of the colorful hair intertwine both confidence and attraction. 


The blonde human hair can last for a couple of years if properly taken care of. It can be colored, trimmed, or restyled as per your preference and taste. Although the blonde full lace wig has a longer lifespan than its other counterparts, poor maintenance can shorten the hair's lifespan by half. There is usually a specific technique for maintaining every kind of wig to maximize its lifespan and also maintain its quality. So how do you take care of 613 hair wig? One might ask, well fortunate enough, we are going to discuss that in detail, more specifically the straight, body wave, the blonde deep wave and lastly, the curly wig.


1. Straight blonde human hair wig maintenance

For the straight blonde human hair wig, always try to keep the hair away from excessive heat as best as you can. Heat dries out the cuticles and damages the hair ends. It's usually advisable to ensure the wig stays away from the scorching sun, heated vents, or any other place having high temperatures. When it comes to drying your blonde human hair, always try limiting the amount of time spent on a hairdryer and, if necessary, dry the hair only when wet.


2. Body wave blonde human hair wig maintenance

The secret to maintaining the body wave blonde human hair is to deep condition it as often as possible. The hair color lacks luster and is usually dry due to the process that occurs in making the wig have a bright blonde shade. For proper maintenance of the wig, always try to deep condition your wig at least once per week.


  • Blonde deep wavehuman hair wig maintenance

The blonde deep wave wig, especially 22 inches or more lengthwise, should always be stored appropriately. Regardless of whether you're storing the wig for one night or more, you should always keep it away from direct sunlight, dust, and heat. Storing the blonde deep wave wig in the closet is fine, although investing on a wig stand is ideal when it comes to short-time storage. Something worth noting is that, if you intend to store your wig for an extended time, always ensure that you wash away any leftover products or dyes and also make sure that the hair is tangle and knot-free. 


3. Curly human hair wig maintenance

The proper way to maintain a curly 613 wig is by combing it gently. Ensure to use a particular hairbrush that is wide enough, more specifically, a metal or steel comb. Always avoid regular brushes and plastic combs. It's worth noting that the hair is comb only when dry. Lastly, combing should always start from the nose end up to the hair top, to prevent the curly human hair wig from shedding.


Procedure for maintenance of straight or wavy human hair wigs

  1. Always condition hair using an alcohol-free or sulfate-free product at least once per week. For best results, always use moisture-rich products for conditioning, then rinse thoroughly.
  2. Apply moisturizing conditioner, then starting from the end, comb the hair. Massage the moisturizer thoroughly on the hair and let it settle in for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly again.
  3. Use a small amount of oil to trap the moisture in your hair, then let your wig air dry naturally. Always avoid using excessive oil products on your hair as it will lead to hair weighing down and becoming stiff. 


Procedure for maintenance of curly human hair wigs

  1. Always use a conditioner that's moisture-rich then comb your hair starting with the end up to the roots.
  2. The next step is to leave the conditioner on the wig for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Avoid massaging the hair and then rinse it off thoroughly.
  4. Gently scrunch the hair to maximize the enhancement of the curls.
  5. After the hair becomes damp, apply a small amount of alcohol-free anti-frizz hair serum to get a more stylish tamed look.
  6. Let the wig naturally dry.
  7. Always avoid using excessive oily products on curly hair as it leads to hair matting.
  8. Avoid combing or brushing curly hair when dry as it will make the hair fizzy, causing it to tangle and even break off.
  9. Lastly, it's worth noting that conditioning wash alone is recommended at least thrice per week to maintain the hair sheen and bounce.



How to properly maintain Colored Human Hair Wigs

  1. Colorful hair always uses lots of natural oil while avoiding chlorine products.
  2. Always use natural oils like coconut, almond, and tea tree to maintain the wig's natural shine while restoring the hair.
  3. Always try your level best to avoid getting the colored wig wet when you're out swimming by the pool. Wear a swim cap when planning to swim.



The blonde human hair is a high-end type of wig, and taking care of it or any wig type for that matter is essential for its longevity. I hope the article has enlightened you on the proper wig maintenance methods.




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