Have you ever had this problem, why my hair gets tangled easily?

First of all, you should get to know how long it takes you to wash your own hair.
because all kinds of hair need to be treated like your own hair! HUMAN HAIR DOESN'T MEANS NO SHEDDING NO TANGLE AT ALL

Let's start here:
There are 2 kinds of hair would be easier to get this problem. Curly Hair/Colored Hair.

Curly textures were styled in a high-temperature machine and more curl, it may cause dryer than other textures. #613 color hair is bleached from top quality natural black hair. And then do any color on it. So the colored wigs are fragile. So if you have curly hair or colored hair, pls be more patient and treat it more gentle!

HOW to detangle?
If the hair gets tangle after you wear it for some weeks, pls follow the step below:
Put the hair into WARM water, use the shampoo that’s sulfate free and had better use some hair conditioner with ESSENTIAL OIL. After that, OLIVE OIL or ARGAN OIL will be a plus WHEN IT IS WET (IMPORTANTIf you added oil when it is dry, it will let it become more tangled.)
Then AIR DRY, please do not use the hairdryer.

More tips on hair care:
Comb curly hair gently with your finger or big tooth comb from end to top ONLY WHEN IT IS WET
Don’t restyle the hair too often, or the hair will easily get dry.
Wash and condition hair at least once a week.
If the hair is wearing, you could use the hair mask to condition the hair.