Human hair lace wigs are popular among black ladies thanks to their versatility, natural look, and high-quality material the hairpiece is made from. The brown lace and transparent lace, in general, are among the most preferred as both are usually transformative wigs and also look enhancer.

However, some ladies usually find it tricky to distinguish or choose between the brown and transparent lace. This article will talk about these two popular lace closure wigs lace frontal wigs and what might be the best choice for you.



What Is a Brown Lace?

This particular lace design mimics your scalp color and not the skin tone. The brown lace structure is usually similar to that of the transparent lace front wig. The medium brown is a lace front wig made from virgin human hair, having a machine-made wig cap.

This particular lace’s difference from other laces is a brown lace color on the wig’s forehead region. There are usually three categories of brown lace wigs. They comprise of a light brown, medium brown, and dark brown lace color.

Choosing among the three brown lace options available entirely depends on the color of your skin tone. However, if you happen to be a dark-skinned lady and mistakenly choose a light brown lace, there is no need to worry. All you have to do is darken your lace using a fabric pen.




What Is a Transparent Lace Wig?

Transparent lace is defined as a lace that is colorless or transparent in color. The transparent lace used is both undetectable and also invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, this lace usually has an undetectable hairline that allows the lace wig to be pulled back, making it easier to style and look natural.

This lace is made from either French or Swiss lace and is also known as the undetectable transparent lace wig.


The difference Between a brown and transparent lace


  1. Price

The transparent lace is usually quite expensive. The brown lace, on the other hand, is cost-effective and quite popular too.

  1. Lace color

The other major difference between brown lace and transparent lace is color. The former has a brown lace front color, while the latter has a transparent lace that’s usually undetectable and invisible.

  1. Natural Look

When it comes to having a natural look, the transparent lace mimics a real scalp and has a thinner lace compared to its counterpart, the brown lace.


Advantages of a brown and transparent lace

  1. One of the benefits of both laces is the ability to wear the wig without plucking the frontal.

  2. Both laces are made from human hair and usually mimic real hair regardless of the color or texture.

  3. Both of these human hair wigs have breathable material that makes wearing them very comfortable.

  4. The brown and transparent lace are both a great option, especially for wig newbies.

  5. Both give you a natural look when compared to regular lace fronts

  6. Both laces are great when it comes to styling flexibility.


FAQ About Brown and Transparent Lace


What color is the brown lace?

This lace color has a softer honey tone and is normally ideal for black ladies who have a light skin complexion.


Should I get transparent lace?

The transparent lace has a more invisible lace that is usually undetectable, making it blend well with your skin tone. This lace type also has less visible knots, and the lace is usually colorless or transparent hence making it an excellent option for all skin tones. You don’t have to darken your lace to match the color of your scalp if you have a lighter skin tone. But if you have a darker skin tone, you can also add some foundation to make it fit your skin color.


Is brown lace the better choice? 

This particular lace choice is suitable for black ladies who have light skin or light brown scalp.


Is transparent lace better?

This lace type is thin, colorless, and highly breathable. The transparent lace front wig is also very thin hence making it difficult to detect. Lastly, this wig choice blends well with all skin tones and looks more realistic as it has less visible knots.


What color lace should I get?

For those women who want to have a cream, white, or light skin tone, choosing the transparent lace is recommendable. On the other hand, if you prefer a brownish scalp, purchasing a brown lace is suitable.

However, choosing between the two depends on individual taste, and the amount one is willing to spend. If you want a more natural look, then choosing the transparent lace over the brown lace is recommended. The transparent lace has a thinner lace that blends well with all skin tones.


Final remarks

The brown lace and transparent lace are both comfortable, skin-friendly, soft, and highly breathable wigs. The material quality used in the wig provides maximum comfort when worn. In the end, regardless of your choice, you’re always guaranteed a stunning look.