When talking about a timeless hairstyle, then the curly and wavy hair comes to mind. This particular wig is quite elegant and will most definitely leave you looking like a princess. Nonetheless, unlike straight, curly and wavy hair needs more attention and care, precisely when it comes to maintaining those bouncy curls.

Ladies new to Curly and wavy wigs might be wondering how to take care of this particular wig by keeping their curls and waves in mint condition over time. Not to worry, this article talks about how to take care of your wavy or curly wigs regardless of texture.



How to Take Care of your Curly Wig


  1. Section the Hair

Begin by separating sections of your hair. If your lace closure wig or lace frontal wig has small tight ringlets, then ensure that you divide them into smaller sections. On the other hand, if you have large loose curls, separate the hair into larger units.


  1. Spray a Detangling Mist

Proceed by lightly spraying each section of your wig using a detangling mist. It's worth mentioning that, when you're dealing with synthetic hair, for example, ensure that the hair product is for that specific wig.



  1. Gently Brush the Hair

Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your wig to removes tangles gently. Avoid using regular combs or hairbrushes as they will ruin your curls and also leave your wig looking frizzy and, in the long run, lead to shedding.



  1. Restore the Curls

After removing all the knots and tangles from your wig, the next step is restoration. Your curls need to revert to their original style, hence the need to separate your hair into various sections. For tighter curls, part your wig into smaller sections and vice versa for larger or looser curl.

Using your finger, twist each curl gently as per your desired style and when you realize that they're not bouncy, try knotting them in the opposite direction. If you have a human hair wig, using a curling iron on a low heat setting is always recommendable when you want to restore your curls.


  1. Store your wig correctly.

Finally, when it comes to storing your wig, always place it on a wig stand or mannequin's head, free from dust and sun rays. Alternatively, you can also cover your wig using a hair net or place it in sealed plastic to prevent it from getting dusty, especially if you're not planning on wearing it for a long time. Proper storage keeps your wig free from tangles, knots and it also maintains your style before the next installation procedure.



How to Wash a Curly human hair Wig

Washing your wig is always recommendable only when your wig has lost its shine, looks greasy, and is also difficult to style. Below is how to properly clean your curly or body wave wig.


  1. Identify your Wig Type

First and foremost, you need to identify what particular wig you have. Is it synthetic or human hair? Ensure that you know the best and safest washing practices or your specific wig.


  1. Wig preparation

Uninstall your wig from your head while ensuring that you comb it accordingly to remove any frizz or knots before proceeding with the washing process.


  1. Fill your Basin with water

The next step is to add lukewarm water to a basin enough to submerge your entire wig in fully. Avoid using hot water as it will damage your hair strands.



  1. Shampoo your Wig

After your wig is fully submerged and wet, add mild shampoo and then mix it evenly. Be gentle when cleaning the wig and avoid scratching the wig as it tends to ruin the curls.


  1. Rinse off your Shampoo

Rinse the shampoo off using clear running water, starting from the root to the tip. When rinsing, it's worth mentioning that allowing the water to flow in a single direction prevents your hair from tangling or knotting afterward.


  1. Dry your Wig

Finally, remove your hair from the running water and then lay it flat on a dry towel. Use another cloth to pat the wig and also dry it off completely. Avoid placing your curly wig on a lace wig stand or mannequin head immediately you remove it from the water. A wet curly wig placed on a hair strand can stretch out and damage your curls as a result. 



Final remarks

There you go, the proper methods for taking care of your curly and wavy human hair wigs. By following all the guidelines mentioned above, your wig will have a healthy, spectacular look. Curly and wavy hair is a timeless classic look that's always going to remain trendy. We hope this article was informative enough.