If you enjoy wearing human hair wigs, you should be aware of the various types of real human hair wigs available. However, the HD lace is the new arrival in the market that’s currently making major waves. This article defines HD lace, explains why it's popular, and the difference between normal and transparent lace. Keep reading.



What is HD Lace?


“HD” is the abbreviation for “high definition.” HD lace is a lace material that was historically known as Swiss lace and is completely undetectable and invisible. The wig allows the wearer to have an open hairline, which looks very natural and hides the hairline's lace. 

The HD lace wig is made up of 100% virgin human hair having a high definition lace. HD lace is the most recent and highest-quality lace form. This form of HD lace is a new material with the thinnest texture, making it smoother, lighter, and more undetectable than transparent or regular lace. The HD invisible lace frontal will blend in with your skin tone and also hide your hairline.



Why Choose HD Lace Wigs?


HD lace wigs are wigs with a high-definition lace closure or frontal that is undetectable. These particular Lace Wigs are made with 100 percent Virgin Hair on an undetectable lace cap and can be styled or parted in various ways.

HD Lace is the thinnest type of lace available. This lace is unlike any other when it comes to blending well with your scalp. 




What The Difference Between Normal Lace and HD Lace?


When wearing a wig, the aim is to make it appear as natural as possible. HD lace is more see-through when compared to standard or normal lace. This usually allows it to blend into the scalp better, making the hairline appear more natural and less conspicuous.


 The Difference Between Transparent Lace Wig and HD Lace Wig


  • Transparent lace is a regular lace with a transparent color, whereas HD lace is a new type of wig with a high definition lace.
  • The other difference is that an HD lace human hair wig is considerably costlier than a clear lace closure wig. If you're going to buy something, you should think about your spending.
  • HD lace is the thinnest, having the most delicate foundation available. Since it is invisible and does not display, it is ideal for use in the front. It is long-lasting, natural, and relatively gentle when compared to transparent lace.


Similarity Between Transparent Lace Wig and HD Lace Wig


  • Both the transparent lace and HD lace human hair wigs can be dyed, colored, and bleached to match the color of your scalp skin. But you don't have to because these two types of lace wigs will both complement your skin well, regardless of your skin tone. The knots have also been bleached for you by the lace wig vendors.
  • The HD lace wig and the translucent lace wig can also produce an undetectable and natural hairline. On the other hand, the HD lace wig would be much closer to the skin than a standard transparent lace wig.
  • While both the HD lace wigs and the human hair transparent lace wigs have excellent breathability, the HD lace is much softer when compared to its pre-plucked counterpart.


How to properly maintain HD Lace Wigs


HD lace wigs are pretty and invisible, but they are also vulnerable. Have you worked out how to properly care for it? Below are the tips on how to take care of your HD lace wig.


  • Make sure all glue traces have been removed before washing the HD lace wigs.
  • Brush curly hair with a wig comb as well as a wide-tooth comb. Brush hairs from the bottom up to reduce shedding.
  • Wash your HD lace wig in lukewarm or cold water.
  • Apply the hair conditioner, being careful not to get the conditioner on the wig's roots. Continue rinsing with water after 3-4 minutes.
  • Using a clean towel, pat the wig dry. Finally, allow your wig to air dry by putting it on a stand or mannequin head.
  • The HD Lace is thin, making it extremely easy to rip; hence, great care is needed when handling this particular wig. Always avoid pulling, tugging, or brushing the hair on these HD Lace frontals.




Final Remarks 


The HD lace human hair wig and the undetectable transparent lace wig are natural-looking and invisible human hair wigs for women. The 100 virgin human hair would appear as if natural hair is coming from your scalp. However, when deciding which one to go for, keep the budget in mind.

The transparent lace wig and the HD Brazilian lace frontal wig will both give you natural-looking results. However, if money isn’t an issue, go for the HD lace because it blends more with your scalp, giving you a more natural look.