The look of a person is dependent on many factors like your face structure, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. The easiest way to completely revamp your look is by just changing your hair. As a black woman, you have plenty of hairstyling options on the menu when you opt for wearing a wig. With a wig, you can quickly make drastic changes to your hair without fearing the consequences.



About an Afro Wig


Afro's are the natural hairstyle of almost all black women. Afro is common for people who have a kinky hair texture. The natural way to create an afro is by combing the hair away from the scalp to allow the growth outwards in a round shape like a cloud forming a soft, ball of hair. It is an elegant hairstyle which requires lots of management and can be tough on you. Many people who can't naturally grow an afro hairstyle can comfortably wear an Afro wig to fit their requirements.


Afros which have curly hair, are exclusive to black women. It is a simple fact that no other race can grow enough room. The Afro hairstyle makes the community unique and is a symbol of this section of society. The wigs come with many curl patterns so that you can easily customize the way you look. There are predominantly two types of curls, i.e., tight or loose.


Why wear a ‘Afro Wig?


Black women naturally have an afro hairstyle so you might think it doesn't make sense to wear an afro wig. It is, in fact, quite a logical move when you are thinking about growing your natural hair. With an afro hairstyle after some point, your hair stops growing anymore. To develop an afro you can easily braid them and keep them under a sneaky afro wig which is similar to your natural hairstyle.


The afro wig is also a protective measure to save your natural hair from all the sweat in summers and dryness in winters. It is common knowledge that having an afro can be challenging to manage; that's why many women like just to weave their hair and put on a wig to keep their natural look.


A huge reason why black women have to wear Wigs is that their hair cannot hold extensions to increase the length. Afro hairstyle is quite tricky to manage, and hair extensions would pull your hair a lot, leading to extreme discomfort in some cases.


Braiding hair also damages the hairline instead by just using a wig you can easily protect your natural hair. The chemical processes to relax the natural hair of black women can be painful and expensive. Thus invest in a wig to keep your hair healthy as you are more prone to hair loss.


How to Pick a suitable Afro Wig?


There are many things to check when buying an afro wig. Some of the pre-requisites are as follows -


  • Type of Curls


You can choose from kinky to springy curls when looking for an afro. The coiled hair is essential to define the look on your face as the length of the spiral hair cannot be changed. There are mainly two types of curly hair, i.e. tight or loose. With an afro wig you can't re-customise the curls that easily as natural human afro hair is used. Jheri curl is a faux afro hairstyle which looks more like when you have permed your afro.


  • Length


Afro wigs are quite long on paper, but in actual practice, they are usually short because of the compression due to the curling of the hair. Thus a wig of 12 inches might turn out to be of just 4 inches in length after the curling.


  • Texture


Customization is the key to wearing wigs. Even though naturally Afro hair is due to the kinky texture, many wig brands provide you with a soft, smooth feel to make the wig easy to manage. The texture is due to the hair growing in a tiny, angled helix shape.


  • Colour


With wigs, the options for colors are endless. One can easily opt for naturally colored black hair and dye them on their own. Many wig companies also pre-dye the wigs for your needs. You can choose from black, reds, honey brown, and platinum blondes.


  • Lustre


The afro hair is generally a dirty look when it's worn naturally, which makes it challenging to care for. With wigs, you can get the natural looking lustrous hair that you get after a long time in the shower and regular hair care without all the hassle.


  • Hair density


As the length of the afro wigs is compressed due to curls, you get quite high overall hair density. On the other hand, it is recommended that you get thin natural hair strands if you want easier management but if you want an impressive flawless look then go for thicker hair strands.