Is thinning hair stealing your confidence? If that's the case, then headband wigs are the perfect option for you. This particular wig is also ideal for ladies suffering from hair loss, as it gives out a fuller look. Additionally, this specific wig has a natural look that enhances your look. 

This article will define what a headband wig is and everything there is to know about this particular wig.



Headband Wigs defined


A headband wig is a wig made from a piece of material that resembles a headband. This wig typically gives the wearer a transformative new look in a matter of seconds. A full headband wig is ideal for ladies dealing with total hair loss, although this particular wig is an expensive investment that needs daily maintenance. 

On the other hand, a half headband wig is convenient for covering a preferred section of your head. Generally, both wigs not only provide complete hair coverage by concealing bald spots but also don't interfere with your natural hairline. Because of its beginner and user-friendly nature, the headband wig has become extremely popular in a relatively short period.


 Why You Should Wear Headband wigs


When worn in partial hair loss cases only, conventional wigs need regular styling and can cause problems such as hair suffocation and scalp damage. 

When partial hair thinning, hair loss, or balding is the issue, headband wigs come to play as they have a considerable length and volume.

If you want to create an elegant look, add extra volume to custom-made wigs. With such long and voluminous hair, you can wear any hairstyle ideally. Headband wigs have many advantages over conventional human hair wigs. They include the lack of ties, pins, or glue needed to secure the wig and the fact that they are very soft, stretchable, and hence more comfortable to wear. 

Since headband wigs are sweatproof and breathable, they do not make you feel hot and itchy. Lastly, headband wigs are waterproof, making them very easy to clean and maintain.




How to install Headband Wigs


You can wear Headband wigs casually and also during special occasions. They're user-friendly because they're adjustable in size and don't use bobby pins or tapes. The only way to wearing this wig is to change the hooks on the inner side to suit the wearer's head size.

Alternatively, you can adjust the strap to fit perfectly over your head, and you're good to go. Lastly, using a wig brush, place your natural hairline over the wig's hairline while positioning the wig a few inches away from the hairline to fit on your head.


Features of Headband Wigs


The headband wigs are thin, so they won't make you feel uncomfortable or sweaty. Due to the highly breathable mesh used during production, natural hair ventilation is easily possible with these wigs. Since the wig has an elastic band to hold hair behind the ears, it typically fits firmly.

The wig typically holds firmly and doesn't come off even when you engage in vigorous activities. Headband wigs are more comfortable than conventional human hair wigs due to the use of open lace. They are hence known for their longevity, affordability, and natural appearance. 


Advantages of Headband Wigs Over Traditional Wigs


The headband's peculiar elastic design offers extreme softness on the scalp. It provides comfort to the user, and the elasticity ensures a secure fit on the head. There are no glues used, and the hairpins make the surface less itchy.

Headband wigs are ideally suited for any hair form or texture and can cover vast bald areas and scars while giving the wearer the most natural appearance possible. Since there is no lace or glue involved, these headband wigs are very simple and user-friendly.

They're perfect for people who are new to wearing wigs. In today's fast-paced world, wigs are efficient because they take very little time to put on. Headband wigs come in various styles and textures that include straight, kinky straight, curly, coily curl. In general, headband wigs are usually ready to wear, although customized headband wigs may be based on one's preferences, style, and the purpose of the wig. The color, texture, and density of the hair used in headband wigs also come in various options. Now if you click to shop a headband wig on, you will get 2 free headband free as gift. 


How are Headband Wigs made?


100% virgin human hair are the two materials used for this particular wig. Remy hair is 100 percent Human hair, which is natural. This specific human hair has not been chemically prepared and is typically derived from a hair donor. The texture is also neither dyed nor bleached. The remy headband wigs are processed in such a way that the cuticle maintains its natural direction. Non-remy hair may be treated with a gentle spray to avoid tangling.

Each strand of hair is woven into a hair sheath to produce a scale-like surface. This type of headband wig's success stems from its unique ability to provide very natural-looking hair at an affordable price.


 Headband Wig maintenance


The headband wigs are simple to maintain. A quick wash using cold water and mild shampoo will keep your wig in good condition. The following are some helpful tips for taking care of your headband wig.

1.Comb your headband wig using a hairbrush.

2. Gently wash your hair using shampoo and lukewarm water.

3. Extract excess moisture from your wig by patting it dry.

4. Once your wig has dried completely, brush it again and style it accordingly.

5. Finally, always ensure that you hand your headband wig on a wig stand when not in use.




 FAQ's About Headband Wigs


There are many misconceptions about headband wigs, even though they are the best and safest option for concealing hair loss and thinning.


  1. Will my wig fall off if I lean over or if I'm exposed to strong winds?

Answer: A Headband wig that's adequately installed will never slip off or dropdown. Many have tapes, loops, and Velcro that you can adjust. Alternatively, you can use bobby pins to add extra protection.


  1. Is wearing a headband wig going to bind me to a single hairstyle?

Answer: No, you can use a single headband wig to produce a variety of hairstyles. Furthermore, natural human hair wigs must be replaced every year if worn regularly. Using less expensive headband wigs can be an excellent way to experiment with different styles. You can change different headhands to get new look, also you can do ponytail or buns. This kind of wigs are designed in such a way that they make it easier to style. 


  1. Would people be able to tell that I'm wearing a wig?

Answer: Since the headband wigs are made from natural human hair, the new wig manufacturing technology provides the wearer with a relaxed and completely natural appearance.


  1. Would the wig be a perfect fit for my head?

Answer: The first and most critical step in choosing wigs is deciding the correct size. A wig expert or a buyer's guide may come in handy before purchase.


  1. Can daily wearing of wigs cause hair loss or skin damage?

Answer: Daily use of headband wigs does not hinder or impair natural hair development. Whether you cover them or not, they will develop at their own pace. The only precaution you need to take is disinfecting wigs regularly to prevent skin damage.


 Where can I purchase the best Headbands wigs?


Are you tired of looking for headband wigs at all the wrong places? And are you still disappointed with the results? Not to worry, we at Shelahair are dedicated to providing the best-suited and highest-quality headband wigs at a reasonable price. Our company offers a wide range of headband wigs, including water wave wigs, long straight wigs, body wave, kinky curly, kinky straight, among other bob wig hairstyles.



Precaution to take While Handling Headband Wigs


Since most silicon wigs cannot withstand heat and melt when heating devices such as a straightener or dryers are used, buying Remy hair headband wigs or heat-stable headband wigs is the best option. The use of headband wigs daily can cause wig wear and tear.