A school is a place where a lot of memories are made. The Prom is one of the best highlights that you can embark on as years go by. As your graduation comes closer, you might be wondering how you can look the best on the last day of school i.e. Prom. For their Prom, everyone is looking forward to being their best self and to steal the title of Prom Queen by even outdoing almost every diva. We all know how last minute hair styling can always end up regrets.


When you wanna be like a star, you have to act like one as well. If you are looking to surprise everyone at school with a Bomb ass hairstyle from your favourite movie, then do what the actors have been doing! Get yourself a customized wig, and you can try on new things without worrying about your natural hair.


To stand out in a crowd, you have to be the absolute best in your look. The stars have tons of hair stylist, but at the end of the day it comes down to wearing a custom wig and walking with your head held high. Now that you know it's that simple, you could be a diva yourself.


Being a black girl in the education system is quite tough. You have to fight to get what you deserve constantly. Well, Girl let me tell you that you're not going to have any competition when you get yourself the hair that you deserve. With the right dress and hair styling tips from our experts, the title of prom queen is going to walk right to you.




To be the highlight of your prom, you take tips only from the best. The actors and singers get all their hair done from countless styling experts. To be the best you have to take the tips from the greatest. Famous actors Janelle Monae and Naomie Harris have been wearing wigs for all their movies to get that perfect look. Even singers like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Beyonce, have donned wigs on several occasions. All these picture-perfect women have been using the same wigs - The Swiss HD Lace.


The Swiss HD lace has set benchmarks in the business, and it is a very prominent producer in the styling industry. They have been making wigs from the times of Halle Berry, and their innovation keeps on bringing better products for us.


Even the Kardashians and the Jenners have been using wigs made by Swiss HD Lace. We all know they would make everyone stop and look when they walk with their glam. Now with these wigs, even you could do the same at your high school Prom.




Now that you know what the stars are doing, you can work on your hairstyle with the Swiss HD lace and be the catch at your prom. To get all the boys drooling over you need to customise your wig according to your needs.

The options are endless with the Swiss HD lace because of its versatility. Here are the looks that we recommend -




  • The Beyonce Curls


Beyonce has set a very high standard in hair styling. Now even you can pull off the crazy but cute curly Beyonce hair with the help of this wig. When you pair the Swiss HD Lace with natural Golden hair, you can get the best look possible.


  • Zendaya Dreads


Zendaya might look cute with her wavy hair but what really makes eyes turn are the dreads. Not everyone can pull off having dreadlocks. Instead of getting your hair all messed up with the industry tools, you could get the Swiss HD lace and pair it with Dreadlocks.


  • Rihanna Cornrows


Riri can pull off any hairstyle and so can you. The Cornrows can help you look pretty for your prom. It's an elegant hairstyle and is pretty easy to pull off with a wig.


  • Natural Kylie Straights


Kylie has shown us how straight hair isn't that bad either. You could get a few curls and waves here and there to make them look even more appealing.



Graceful hair colours to try for Prom  


When you have got a hairstyle decided for yourself, it's time to choose the perfect colour to go with it to make it even better. Here's a list of the most trending and amazing hair colour that will go perfectly with your black skin tone -


  • Ice Blue
  • Millennial Pink
  • Electric Yellow
  • Bright Violet
  • Cherry Red
  • Neon Orange
  • The Queer Rainbow
  • Vibrant Green
  • Teal Tips
  • Platinum Blonde


 How to color a blonde wig by myself?

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