Human hair wigs are getting insanely popular these days. They bring tons of features and customization options to the wearer. For colors, we have the black wig, blonde wig, brown wig, highlight color wig, rainbow color wigs. For wig type, we have lace front wig, full lace wig. Be ready to enter a whole new world of styling when you choose to wear wigs.


Their protective features are just starting to be noticed by the people around the world. For someone who doesn’t have any idea about wigs, it can be a difficult decision to make while buying wigs. There are many types of wigs available now which are used for different purposes and have varied different uses.


Wigs are generally differentiated based on the lace used on them. Some wigs have a perforated lace only on the front while others are made entirely using the material. They are known as frontal wigs and full lace wigs, respectively. It is essential to know the uses and features of both before deciding to invest in your wig.




What is a frontal wig?


A frontal wig is also known as lace front wig because of the presence of lace only around the hairline region. The lace is attached along the edges of the wig. The lace front is known to cover only up to 4 inches or 6inches of the depth of the lace on the front part. The lace front is then connected to a thicker base cap that covers the rest of the head. Most of the hair is sewn onto the frontal lace front overcrowding it. This is important because a partition is made easier on wigs only through the lace.




What is a full lace wig?


Full lace wigs as you guessed it is made entirely using the lace material. The entire wig base cap comprises of the perforated lace. The hair is distributed evenly on the cap. All of the human hair used in making full lace wigs is hand-knotted into the lace. The wig is made entirely by hand. With the lace being spread evenly at all fronts, you can make a partition anywhere on the wig.



Differences between frontal and full lace wigs


Now that we know what frontal wigs and full lace wigs are, it would be easier to understand the differences between them.


  • Breathability


Lace consists of numerous small perforations that ensure that your natural hair and scalp get some breathability. With the Frontal wig, this breathability is only experienced around the frontal region. This can also lead to uneven natural hair growth, whereas the full lace wig offers wearers with 100% breathability.


  • Realistic appearance


The lace on the wigs helps to mimic the look of a natural human scalp. With the gluless frontal lace wigs, you get this authentic look along the front, which is the most prominent part of anyone’s hair. It can be used to deceive viewers easily, but it won’t beat the full lace. With full lace wig, you get a completely natural look. The full lace helps to deceive viewers into thinking that the hair is growing right out of your scalp.


  • Wearability


The full lace wigs can get a bit difficult to wear for new users. The procedure to wear a frontal wig is however straightforward. 


  • Costs


Full lace wigs are whole hand made and hence can be expensive for many. Frontal wigs, on the other hand, would be lighter on your pockets.