Color highlights are an excellent way of making a fashion statement and also bringing life to your wig. To be specific, the black hair shade looks unique and stylish when you partially dye some of its parts.




Sometimes you want to keep off the commercial highlighting kits due to the harmful chemicals the products contain, or maybe you want to save on that salon highlighting cost and you probably don’t know how to highlight. Well, whatever the case, no need to worry. In our article, we’re going to show you how to highlight your black wig using natural and safe remedies.




Things to use as highlighters


1. Make a lightening hair wig.


Using a small bowl, add lemon juice from 1 lemon fruit, combined with three tables spoons of honey (45ml), one teaspoon of vitamin c powder, and a teaspoon of cinnamon to create a highlighter that will create reddish tones on your black lace front wig.


2. Using natural acidic substances to add lighter hues.

· A blend of hydrogen peroxide and cider vinegar can be used on your hair through spraying to help lighten it. Although before applying the hydrogen and cider, use water in equal quantity to mix each solution separately.

· Always ensure that you use a cotton ball when applying the liquids on each of the hair sections.

· Check on the peroxide as its usually the one that gets to be rinsed out first after 15 to 20 minutes.


3. Lighten your wig using beer.


The vitamin and proteins in beer are great ingredients for hair lightening and also hair repair. Mix avocado and half a cup of beer, then mix the two together to get a paste.     


4. Dye your wig using henna.


Henna extracted from plants usually produces a reddish-orange result when applied on black hair. To use the henna dye, add three tablespoons of henna powder and then add it to boiling water enough to form a thicker paste.


Let the paste cool off for about 12 hours in a dark place before application. Ensure that you always wear gloves when applying the henna to avoid the natural dye from drying on your hands and nails.


5. Brighten using a DIY conditioner.


It would be more effective if you had chamomile and lemon, both of which are useful for hair lightening. Start the procedure by pouring lemon juice from three pieces of lemons into a bowl.


Add an eight-ounce cup using two bags of chamomile tea. After the tea has completely cooled and you have strained the leaves, add the tea to the lemon juice while adding a 0.5 ounce of almond oil while stirring the mixture. After the solution has combined, it’s usually ready for use. A beautiful highlight wig can bring you a new life.  




The highlighting procedure


1. Start with cleaning and drying the human hair wig.

Using hair shampoo and conditioner wash your wig. Rinse your human hair wig and pat it using an absorbent towel and let it air dry.


2. Divide your wig.

The next step is to divide your hair into the lower, upper, and middle layers. Ensure to keep the upper layer tied on top of the head while you leave your bottom layer loose. 


3. Apply highlighting products to your wig.

Ensure that you always begin from the bottom layer of your wig hair using either a clean toothbrush or your fingers. 


4. Highlight smaller sections around your face.

After you have finished highlighting your top hair layer, let it down and proceed with the middle and bottom layers. 


5. Run your fingers through your wig.

 Make sure that you finger-comb your lace wigs at least thrice to help in the even distribution of the highlighted product naturally throughout your entire head.


6. Let your lace wig dry thoroughly using sun-rays.

After highlighting your 360 Full lace wig human hair, for a more effective and natural result of the product, always ensure that you expose your hair in the sun for about half an hour before rinsing and conditioning to achieve ultimate results. It’s also advisable to repeat the process regularly after every two weeks to maintain the hair lightness. 




2020 is indeed a great year for hairstyle highlights; not only are shades trendy, but they are easier to achieve and also maintain. This year is all about defining and enhancing your natural look, making a fashion statement while looking spectacular.


Having a natural shade doesn’t necessarily mean having a boring hairstyle highlight. Top hairstylists have worked around the clock to improvise and come up with a more natural yet sophisticated gorgeous look. We talked with various renowned top hairstylists and came up with the top 5 best hair colors currently making significant waves. Below are the top 5 fashionable hairstyle highlights you might want to consider this year.


  1. Dark Chocolate 

2020 is a year that a lot of ladies are embracing that dark chocolate shade. Everyone wants to have that brunette look that is both sexy and mysterious. This particular color is for those ladies who prefer darker tones; however, this shade is ideal either cooler or warmer. Ladies are spoilt for choice as there are usually a variety of colors to choose from, and suitability entirely depends on your skin complexion.


  1. Red Orchard  

This particular color is also trending in 2020. The orchard red has both auburn and copper tones, which usually enriches your appearance, making you look entirely gorgeous. The red orchard is ideal for those ladies who have natural hair; all they need to have is a balayage and base color to achieve this reflective look. It’s worth mentioning that this particular shade his high maintenance since it shades typically quicker. 


  1. Raspberry Bourbon Hair

Another top-five hairstyle highlight in 2020 is the raspberry bourbon hair. This hairstyle is suitable for the winter as it usually brightens your hair and makes you stand out. The raspberry bourbon hair is ideal during winter as color depth usually melts on the rustic mahogany tone that makes your hair look brighter. In a nutshell, this hair color is typically an upgrade of cherry color with a little bit of purple hint.


  1. Dirty Brunette

This particular hairstyle highlight is ideal for complementing your natural hair and skin tone as it only brightens specific hair regions while leaving out the rest. The dirty brunette perfects through looking out for all dimensions on your hair. Ensure that you always begin away from your root, adding extra pops in the end. The next step is toning down the highlights into light brown or dark blonde, depending on your preference that’s most likely to accentuate that natural look.


  1. Jet-Black

This look is for those ladies who prefer cooler shades or prefer going darker regardless of whether your hair is naturally jet black. This hairstyle highlight is suitable when its blue-black and also extremely shiny. Ladies usually have the option of either dyeing their hair permanently or semi-permanently to attain this look.


If you intend to have the jet black highlight for a short period, go for the semi-permanent color or demi color. It is worth stating that opting for that permanent jet-black look might seem like a good idea; nonetheless, the permanent formula usually saturates your hair with some much pigment. In the long run, removing the excess dye can lead to hair damage. Alternatively, you can get a clear gloss to boost your hair glow.



This year’s hairstyle highlights have indeed set the bar high when it comes to making a fashion statement. 2020 highlights are bolder, look natural, and above all, make you stand out. Celebrities and also fashion icons have emulated this year’s top five hair highlights. I hope this article was worthwhile and has enlightened you when it comes to choosing your ideal hairstyle shade for 2020.