Summertime is usually a great time of the year to spend quality time outdoors particularly with loved ones. However, the summer heat can cause damage to your favorite wig if great precaution isn’t taken. Below are some of the tips and tricks on how you can effectively protect your hair from the scorching sun or prevent it from getting damaged.



  1. Avoid Heat Treatments

One of the smartest choices you can make to protect your wig from damage during summer is to avoid hair treatments altogether. Direct sun exposure already takes a toll on your hair follicles and hence adding hair treatment on top will most likely damage your wig even further.


  1. Rinse using natural Oil

Natural oils such as avocado, coconut, and olive oil typically penetrate easier into your wig shaft. When shampooing your hd lace frontal wig, ensure that you properly massage your oil from the ends to the roots. Finally, rinse your hair off and condition it. The final result after a good rinse is usually hair that’s softer and more manageable.


  1. Wearing a wig protection

The other way you can protect your wig in summer is by using a sun protectant such as a scarf, wearing sunscreen, or using a leave-in conditioner.


  1. Store your wig in a cool place

Storing your wig in a cool place is using recommendable, especially during hot summer. When storing your wig either on a mannequin’s head or wig stand, always ensure that it’s far from direct sunlight, to prevent it from getting damaged.

If put a wig back to bag before a washing it is like inserting soiled dishes again in the cabinet: your dishes will get even dirtier in the cupboard than they have been when you positioned them there.

To keep your wig’s first-rate for the longest feasible length of time, easy your wig earlier than placing it away.

*Note: NEVER put your wig away damp. If the wig hair or cap is moist when you put your wig away, it will appeal to dust, mold, and different not-so-nice chemicals.


  1. Wearing Lighter shades

Choosing to wear lighter shades precisely during summer is another way of protecting your wig from the summer heat. Darker shades are known to attract more heat and light and are not recommendable to have during summer. Wigs having light color on the other hand, not only look great and lively on you but will also make you stand out.

Is blonde hair appropriate for black women?

Hundreds of dark-skinned girls and women ask the same question.They are involved if the blonde hair suits their darkish skin. But you’ll by no means comprehend till you try. Black girls can without difficulty pull off any coiffure and many black ladies effectively had their blonde hair and blonde 613 wig.


  1. Engaging in less vigorous activity

With the high-temperature experienced during summer, it's most likely that the more active you are the sweatier you’re going to get. It's, therefore, wiser to minimize engaging yourself in vigorous activities that might cause you to be sweat a lot hence increasing your washing frequency.


  1. Choosing a shorter wig

When it comes to having a convenient summer look, then choosing one that’s shorter will bring convenience. Long hair unlike short, will cover the nape of your neck while preventing air circulation which can lead to discomfort in the long run. Ladies should therefore combat the summer heat by wearing a wig that allows proper air circulation. You can choose medium length (16-20inch) lace wig, or shorter bob wig look or even some pixie cut wig



  1. Night Treatment

The other protective method that you can apply on your wig is by applying a leave-in conditioner before you retire to bed. Apply a leave-in conditioner on your wig and then wrap your wig using a dry towel when you hit the sack. The next morning you wake up, you’ll be having a moist, soft, and frizz-free wig that’s manageable too.