The clean look of Pixie Cut

When you have a short bob full lace wig on hand and you wanna do some changes on it, pixie bob look definitely is your best choice! You just need a pair of scissors and cut it as you want. There is some top looks for you to choose from. 



Mongolian Afro wig & Natural Curly Hairstyles

Mongolian curly wig or afro wig is a curly wig that's ideal for black women who want a tight curl look. The wig is also available in a variety of lengths that have long and manageable curls suitable for gracing any occasion. This particular curly long wig can be tied up when going to work. The Mongolian Afro wig, however, is a long curly wig that is the perfect fit for special occasions like balls or weddings. The hair is unique and stylish hence making the black woman sound out. 



Medium Length Bob Wig 

If your into short hair that's stylish and elegant, then the medium length bob wig is the right pick for you. This lace closure wig bob blunt cut wig is a hairstyle that's both affordable, edgy and timeless. You can choose a black color as a classic look or a 613 hair bob wig as a cute fashion look. The hairstyle material is from Remy human hair that's easy and safe to use using blow dryers or curling irons. The hair comes in an array of colors to choose from and usually is ideal for all occasions. It's easy to maintain and change; all your hair needs is a simple combing and a cut or trim from the hairdresser to suit your style.



The Long Length Wavy Braided Full Lace Wig for Black Women

The wavy full lace wig is an excellent choice for a long hairstyle. It usually consists of a long mambo twist braid that makes a bold fashion statement. The hairstyle is fun and unique; it often comes in two color types that have a high-quality texture. The overall maintenance of the hair is low, and its full lace design keeps your hair away from your face.


The Free-tressEqual Brazilian Straight Wig 

This particular hairstyle is for medium to long length hairstyle. The Free-tress Brazilian Straight 13x4 or 13x6 lace front wig is ideal for those black women who like low maintenance cost types of wigs. Although cheap, the wig usually is stylish and looks natural. The color quality of the wig is typically amazing as it does fate easily and exempts you from regular dyeing and bleaching. The wig also comes in a variety of colors such as black, brown, red, and purple. The hair is affordable, giving you value for money while looking glamorous. If you prefer to do more hairstyles on the front part, 13x6 lace frontal wig is a better choice for you.



Swiss Transparent Medium Length Full Lace Wig

The reason why choose a transparent lace wig is that it’s a good choice for all kinds of skin colors. This particular type of wig is long and also considered one of the best. The lace front wig materials from high-quality human hair that can accommodate curling irons up to 400F. Lastly, you can bleach and dye this high-quality wig into a brown color wig or highlight color wig, and maintaining the color is very easy.