2020 is indeed a year that comes with great highlight colors that are fresh, appealing, and as natural as can be. Top hair colorist experts predict that 2020 is going to have epic bold colors. 


Some of the color choices will include vivid hues, chunky highlights, bold balayage, among others. Despite the color trend choice, experts agree that the color shades should always look healthy and have a natural shine.


The color and the hairstyle should always look vibrant and stylish with proper maintenance, whether you're wearing a high maintenance blonde, deep chocolate, or anything between. Below are some of the 6 top highlights for 2020.



Tonal Terracotta

This year, the tonal terracotta is most likely going to trend. From the looks of it, most brunettes are not going to cool things down. Most ladies are going to switch to auburn hair to look glamorous.


This particular hairstyle color is usually a mixture of red-brown colors. Depending on the intensity of the red color, it depicts a brunette having a deep and dark reflective red color or a hit of reddish undertones.


If you're undecided about auburn, you can always go for warm gingery hues or punchy red copper hair that will most definitely add elegance to your look. This look is usually ideal for winter, which can dim our natural glow leaving our hair looking dull and also ordinary.




Colorful blue black 

Another highlight color which comes straight from the runway during spring is the colorful blue black. This year's hairstyle trend is about ladies bringing out their personalities through hair color, either from black or blue or vice versa.


This colors trend will most definitely make you stand out whether your rocking the glossy blue-black color, denim blue, or icy blue hues. 




Pretty Solid Balayage

This season we also expect solid hair colors to trend. These colors include blondes, blacks, red, etc., such as in balayage shades or heavy color blending.

We are most likely going to see the blending of strong colors such as a pale blonde shade with a polarizing onyx black or a red Miu Miu and a deep black. The bold shades are now more glossy and shiny. For the solid balayage hairstyle to be perfect, your hair needs to be well-conditioned and look healthy.




Cool Down shades

Shades that are cooler having ashy undertones for brunettes are most likely to trend this year. We expected ladies to have a brunette having a mixture of cool chocolate, not forgetting blondes having pearlized silvery shades.


Heavy highlighted or double blondes are also taking the 2020 hairstyle shade by storm. A slight ashy color is required to mute the hair warmth hence attain that cool down shade.




Bold shade

2020 is indeed a year for having a bolder tone. Some celebrities are choosing brighter shades, such as having a blonde shade on top while a darker one at the bottom.


The bold look is most definitely here to stay. However, it’s worth mentioning that this color choice is high maintenance. The hair usually needs adequate root touch-ups and also hair treatment to keep your hair looking shiny 24/7.



Color Contrast

Finally, the last highlight color hairstyle trend this year is the color contrast that allows you to go lighter on the end while shading the roots. This particular hair color style is low maintenance, having dip-dye ends that have bright, fun shades.


These dip-dye ends are fun, and they also create a face-framing effect that has a much heavier high contrast and high drama.


Although the color contrast is still going strong, having roots to show off on the ends and also on the mid-length, the best part is that you won't have to touch up your roots quite often. Lastly, you can also leave your blonde shade to grow out, leaving your hair looking spectacular.