Prom is a special occasion when all young ladies desire to look and feel amazing and it all starts with beautiful hair. Be inspired to rock on this special day with prom hairstyle ideas as you read this article.

If you’re done picking up the most perfect dress and makeup but confused with your hairstyle on prom day. Check out these 10 most popular hairstyles for black women. To allow your individualism to be expressed, the key is to wear something unique which makes you feel comfortable.  



Stunning Bob Hair 

If you have long hair but wish to attend Prom in a bob style, you always have an option of wrapping your hair with adjustable bob wig having different colors or highlights that fit exactly on your head giving you the feel of real hair with a most amazing look.  


Deep Wave Ponytail

Deep wave hair is a soft and spiral wave, full of volume. Many people dream to have deep wave hair on a special occasion, now you can purchase deep wave wigs and make new hairstyles of your choice. Making a high ponytail hairstyle is going to be a bomb for prom.  


Straight and sleek 

This is one of the evergreen trends which you can easily create at home. If you have shorter layers peeking through then braid your hair into cornrows, clip the extensions into a layer by layer inside the cornrows. Straighten the hair with one or 2 drops of hair oil. Here you go with sleek, smooth and silky hair for your prom day. The best part of this hairstyle is anyone can obtain the look with hair extensions to add long length instantly.    


Topknot with mini braid

This is a perfect and trendy hairstyle for teens. This gives you a fashion-forward look that stands out from the crowd with the addition of cute and mini braid. While you hit the dance floor, this hairstyle keeps your hair out of your face.


Wavy or curly ponytail with a braid

Get your body wave or deep wave blonde full lace wig to create an amazing gorgeous hairstyle with a low ponytail to give a stunning look by adding pearl or tiara.


Curly Hair body wave style with Lace frontal wig

Are you bored of the same old hairstyles repeatedly and looking for a classy one. Get the lace frontal body wave wig and add a color of your choice to boom your prom style.


Blonde Full lace Hair Wig style

To protect your hair from dying of Blonde but still desire to have that perfect blonde look for the prom party, achieve it now by wearing a blonde lace hair wig in different styles.  


Messy updo hair with a transparent lace wig

Messy looks can be extraordinary at some point especially when it comes to prom. You can make infinite hairstyles with transparent lace wig to render an awesome look on your face if you are bored of the same hairstyles.


 Half up and half down 

Lace frontal wig with half up and half down can bring a fabulous look from the back just as it does from the front.


Curls with blonde hairstyle

Curls can make you look like a princess especially when you get your blonde full lace hair wig. Add a few hair accessories and turn on the heads around you.