Are you hungry for New Hair Wig Color? 

Blonde has tickled your taste buds! Here’s everything you need to know about blonde hair wig color and to keep it looking sweet for a longer time.


The definition of the highlights has changed in this trendy transformation era.

Searching for best shade

Which shade is made for you? That's a little bit tricky for black blonde girls who love experimenting.

There are so many options in the market which attracts you. But the blonde is quite often the shading that black girls choose to go for at any rate.

Girls get ready for rock blonde day with your perfect shade in 2020!


 Black can't be Blonde

If anything we own it and slaughter it!

With the entirety of the decisions, shades, varieties, and tones, there is a shade of blonde for each dark young lady around here.

 If you are one of those ladies, who hear that Blondie lace wig isn't for dark young ladies, stay tuned to perceive how you can refute naysayers while at last keeping up the strength of your hair.

A definitive dread of light hair and dark young ladies is the thought that it simply "won't look right," and that is because you need to discover your shade.

Before coloring your hair, you should consult with a stylist to maintain the health of your hair. 


Brilliant Blonde Hair for Black Girls

We have seen Beyonce and many other brown-skinned beauties rock shades of blonde full lace wigs. All over web-based life, we are seeing Black young ladies with light hair murdering it. It is a blend of nectar shades with no brassiness to radiate through.



Rich Blonde

Envision shading where your hair looks like nectar. Try not to run a hurry! This shading brings a significant number of skin tones from those with yellow connotations to those with orange and red ones. I have seen this work for everybody when done accurately.

Rather than having various methods, there is one slew of shading from root to tip.


Bleach Blonde

This shade of blonde isn't for everyone; it is only for those with a daring heart.

This shade suits each tone of dark skin so well that it is a marvel how we mulled over it for such a long time.


We have seen the Top Model show us how to twist and style it. Bleach blonde is yet one of those quiet dangers that many dark ladies are reluctant to attempt.




Lilac or Lavender Blonde

Like its sister of pink hair, lilac or lavender hair is not something that we were ever urged to attempt.

It resembled the entirety of the enjoyment stuff was never held for us until we concluded that we could do it.

You should lift your hair or expansions to do various shades of blonde. I urge you to take a stab at something other than what's expected and that lavender is your look!


Dim Blonde

What's more, no, this isn't your grandma's silver hair. 

The dim shading pattern despite everything going solid, many have figured out how to fuse this into their light hair list.



A new decade brings new trends and we know how to apply the fresh ways to color and highlight your hair which suits you the best. We are here to help you.