Whether you’re deciding to grow out your hair, grow back your hair, or limit hair loss, protective hairstyles can support and make all the possible changes in your hair’s overall strength. What is a protective hairstyle? As you may have suspected, a protective hairstyle means wearing your hair in a way that preserves your hair from harmful elements of your environment that have the power to destroy your hair. And when it gets to scoping out the best protective hairstyles for black hair—we are here to help you. Read on for the 7 best protective hairstyles for black hair of all lengths.


Advantages of Protective Hairstyles

  1. Shield from the environment dangerous elements;
  2. Preservation of moisture;
  3. Length holding;
  4. Chic look



Top 8 Protective Hairstyles for Fashion Black Girls 


1. Knotless Box Braids

There's a reason everyone is going for knotless box braids all over this summer. Because the braiders begin with your natural hair, without adding any extensions, it doesn't form as much stress at your scalp—suggesting it's more convenient with less risk of breakage.


2. Updo with Twisted Layered Bangs

The shorter layered twists look fabulous, and it’s a classic example of new natural protective hairstyles. The front part can work as bangs outlining the face and drawing in a cute asymmetrical detail into your updo. The back is styled in a beautiful upswept way that gives a little extra length and a lot of classy vibes.


3. Havana Twists

Among protective hairstyles for black hair, Havana twists reach out because of beauty and style. Havana twists are created from a mixture of twists and turn in your natural hair. It’s an excellent solution to thick hair! The hairstyle involves chunky twists, formed with natural hair and extension.


4. Cornrows

Cornrows are another perfect protective hairstyle that can be made on all lengths of hair. First, take a part of hair beginning at the front of your head from the root. Then, divide that section into three equal sections. Braid your hair as you usually would, but after you’ve weaved the hair once, attach hair to each strand as you proceed to braid down the back of your head. When you reach the edge of your scalp, resume braiding usually down the length of your hair before securing the hair with a thin elastic. Repeat this all over your hair.


5. Beaded Braids

Desire to bring your braids up a notch? Think of adding some beads to your hairstyle! You can use them everywhere in your braids, only on the ends, or on a few twists here and there. This is an easy way to attach your personality to your braided hairstyle.


6. Bantu Knots

It is one of the most famous 90's hairstyles. To get the look, take a part of the hair and wrap it from root to end until the hair begins to twist into itself. Turn your twist into a bun on top of your head and fasten it into place! Repeat this method all over your head.


7. Side Twist Updo

Another classic updo alternative, this side twist updo hairstyle can be carried anywhere from the office to a wedding. First, form a side part. Then, divide your hair into two. Split those parts into two and twist as if you were forming a common twisted hairstyle. Make sure to turn towards the side of your part! Once both parts are formed into two large twists at one facet of your head, wrap your ends together. Complete the style by wrapping that remaining hair into a bun and fastening into place. That a lot of twists!


8. Glueless Full Lace Wigs 

For most fashion girls, they also choose a glueless full lace wig as a protective hairstyle. If you use glue when you wear a wig, it may cause some problems. You def. will love Shelahair Glueless Full lace wig. All of the glueless full lace wigs are with 4 combs and an adjustable band in the wig cap, so you can wear them easily without any hurting glue or glue spray. You can click this link to check more details we talked about "Should I use wig glue to wear a lace wig"  to learn more.