Black girls are always looking for some protective hairstyles and keep a fashion look. First, you need to know what would helps for defensive hairstyles for black women? Let us first apprehend what protecting fashion means. Many African American girls face the hassle of preserving healthful hair due to chemical compounds and different hair styling products on natural curly hair. Protective hairstyles assist in defending your hair via tucking it away, thereby retaining the fashion and the moisture of your hair. Such protecting styles promote hair growth, preserve hair undisturbed and stop hair injury due to immoderate use of chemical compounds and dyes. However, in no way hold a protecting fashion on for long. Box braid, flat twists, double bun braids are some of the examples defensive styles.



Let us discuss five most popular protective hairstyles in 2020:

  • Havana Passion Twists: Among protective hairstyles for natural hair, this looks gorgeous and is a great protective style especially in summers. It is easy to create and maintain than some other styles and this one suits very well for styles like updos, short hair ideas. Passion Twist is a combination of the Senegalese twists and Goddess Locs. This style looks great, easy to maintain and is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Halo Beaded Braid: Do you wanna bring your braids up to a notch? Halo Beaded Braid defnitely is a good choice! It derives this name from the look it gets. Here the braid circles the head, looking like a halo. This style suits black girls because it looks chic and easy to achieve even at home. You can accentuate the look by using highlights. Halo braid looks great and reduces scalp irritation.

  • Cornrows Updo: Cornrows updo hairstyles reach out amoung all kinds of protective hairstyles because of its special styles and beauty. This style suits black girls very much because it allows you to twist your hair in different ways to give a different yet elegant look each time. Easy to style and at the same time it maintains the moisture level of your hair, keeping it looking beautiful all the while.

  • Glueless Full Lace Wig: Nowadays more and more black girls prefer wear a glueless lace wig to show their special beauty and passion for life. Before glueless human hair wig, girls always use glue tape to wear it and it did hurt the skin and scalp.  Before you wear a glueless lace wig, you need to braid your own curly natural hair and make it as flat as you can. It defnitely can help you protect the natural hair without hurting when wear a human hair wig. Now there are always 3 or 4 clip combs in the wig cap also an adjustable band tie there, so you can wear the wig without any glueless to make it stay firm on your natural curly hair.

  • Wet Wavy/ Curly Lace Wig: Wet Wavy is more similar to natural wavy curly hair 3A, 3B, 3C. Curly/ Wet Wavy Lace Front Wig: For natural curly hair, there are 4A, 4B, 4C hair type. That is one of the reason why girls love these textures. You can have more natural curly hair look which you havenot and show more special beauty to public. The excellent slay skills now can make it just look like your own hair. When you wear a wig, braid your own hair first, and wear this glueless deep wave wig on your head. You can wear it every morning, then take it off everyday when you go back home, then let your own hair breath. Why not have a try now?



Here we have discussed 5 different yet popular protective styles for black girls. Each one is unique, offering gorgeous looks and protecting your hair from excessive drying.