There is no girl who does not like to show off her locks. But when the locks keep getting thinner and thinner, it is a heartbreaking scenario and no woman is ever happy with that.

However, this does not have to be the case. With our collection of hair wigs, you have every reason to smile. At Shela hair, we are determined to put a graceful crown of a wig on every woman who wants to stay fashionable and looking fresh all the time. We give you 613 Blonde and High-Density wigs, which are rocking the women fashion industry in 2019.

We are returning the pride of girls back to their hair. Once you have our wigs on your head, it does not mean you should not take care of them. They may be the best in the market right now, but they still need you to keep them maintained. That is why in this article we are giving you the steps to wig maintenance. Yes, you can keep your wig looking as good as new if you follow our maintenance routine.

wig maintenance

How to maintain your Wigs

One great thing with wigs is that they do not require constant care to stay in shape. You only give them a little attention and they will serve you as a master. Ladies, this is how you maintain your wig to serve you for a long time;


Washing, shampooing and conditioning your wig

The first thing you should do after receiving the wig is to wash it. Be careful here not to mess it up even before you wear it. Washing your wig should be done once in every 7 to 10 days. Others say you can stay even for a month or two. We say, it depends on a number of factors and we will not delve into that right now. You start by combing it to detangle the hair strands. For this job, use a wide-tooth comb so that you do not break the hair.


Dip the wig in lukewarm water.

Run your fingers through the strands to make sure they do not tangle. When the hair is thoroughly wet, get the shampoo ready by lathering it. Slicon Mix Shampoo is recommended(no affiliate link included). Massage the wig from the top to the bottom a couple of times. Go ahead and rinse the shampoo. Do not leave any traces of the lather. Rinse until you get clear water running out of the wig.


Your wig is now ready for conditioning.

Whatever conditioner you use, make sure it will not only clean out the grime but will also protect your wig from heat. As you massage the conditioner into your wig, give particular emphasis to the frontal laces. They are normally laden with makeup and other forms of grease. Once you are satisfied that every strand has been conditioned, leave it for 20 minutes to achieve the best results. When the 20 or so minutes elapse, go ahead and wash off the conditioner.


Drying the wig.

There is a mistake a lot of ladies make when drying their wig. They use a blow dry to get fast results. While this is a shortcut, you are doing more harm than good. The hair strands will be too dry and will likely start to fall off. You go out crying foul about how poor quality the wig is while it is entirely your mistake.

We recommend natural wig drying.

Put it out to dry slowly and you will get great results. Try to spread the strands so that dry air can penetrate every space. The tail ends tend to dry faster than the rest of the wig. Do not be impatient; wait until the wig is completely dry.

Use appropriate oil on your wig.

When your wig is clean and dry, you need it to stay flexible and polished. It is now time for oiling your hair to stay fresh and healthy. There is a range of oils for wigs but we advise our customers to go with Moroccan Argon oil(no affliate link Included).

From our experiments and feedback from our wig buyers, argon oil does a great job to keep every strand fresh and vibrating. Remember, it is the tail ends that dry fast and would need more attention.

Quick tips to take care of your wig

When you buy a wig, you hope that it will serve you for a long time. You want it to stay polished all the time and keep turning necks wherever you go. Here we give you quick tips to get it right with your wig;

Stay away from heat: heat is enemy number one to your wig. You should never expose it to extreme heat. Do not stay closer to fire and never use a dryer on your wig. Kitchen tip: if you love cooking, many ladies do, you may need to be careful when your wig is on. Even better, wear a cap to protect your wig or let someone else do the cooking if you do not feel like removing it before jumping into the kitchen.

Wig storage: while you are at home kicking it in after a long busy day, you can remove your wig and put it on a stand. This goes a long way to keep it in shape and save it from your constant pulling and tugging.

Keep off the hair spray: it is natural that you would want to spray your wig with pomade or gel water. You may want to rethink that. The spray will make your wig oily and easy to be messy. For now, save the spray for another day.

Use right glue to install your wig: It really help you out if you install your wig with Got2b Styling Spiking Hair Glue(no affiliate Link included)



The beauty of a woman is crowned by her hair. Unfortunately, most women do not have that advantage of great natural hair. But that does not mean you should coil back and be ashamed of your woes. Shela hair gives you a reason to smile and dress your head just like the queen you are. Our varieties of wigs have been a turning point for many ladies.

We strive to make every girl beautiful by availing her with top quality wigs. We are not only interested in you buying our wigs but we also make sure you get the best out of them. In this article, we just shared with you how to maintain your wig. Get up and be the lady you always wanted to be by dressing your hair with pride.

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