Wigs play an essential role when it comes to woman's elegance. Nonetheless, when a natural hairline has baby hair on it, typical, it looks more natural and is always considered an eye-candy. Whether you're wearing a lace front wig or a full lace wiggetting baby hair on your natural hairline definitely spices things up.


Natural hairline with baby hair is trendy and is applicable with either the lace frontal or the lace frontal wig. A perfect styling guarantees that the baby hair blends perfectly with curly, wavy, or straight hair. In our article, we are going to expound more on getting that A-list natural hairline look, whether wearing a wig, HD lace closure, 613 wig, etc.



Must-have items


  • Human hair wig 
  • Wig Brush 
  • Wig Comb 
  • Scissors
  • Hair Spray


How to Style your natural Hairline with Baby Hair


  • Prepare the wig


Before you cut the lace, part the hair then do the baby hair, normally ladies prefer to put your transparent lace human hair wig on a mannequin or put it on their heads, but we suggest you put it on your knee. This is the best way to show the wig to match your own skin color, also suggest you do bleached knot before you do baby hair, then it will match your skin color in a better way.    


  • Cut the lace

Trim any excess lace hair strands that are hanging on the front to give you that natural look. Proceed with cutting about a quarter-inch of the lace on the front side of the hair. Always cut small portions of the lace strands instead of cutting at once. Make sure you're using a scissor that's fluid to avoid jagged edges and also cutting too many laces that can, in turn, ruin the wig. Remember, for perfect results, the entire process requires a good pair of scissors, a steady hand, and also patience. 


  • Part the hair

Use two large hair clips, make sure to clip the hair on separately. After separating the hair, use a fine-toothed comb to create a partition on one side of your wig. Blow-dry your hair while combing it to create a definitive hair partition. Once the hair is dry, continue using the comb to reinforce separation by neatly parting the hair.


  • Wet the baby hair

 For the baby hair to be stylish, it needs to be thoroughly wet. You can always use a water bottle to spray on your hairline, or you can always wet your hairline by directly pouring water on it using your hands.


  • Blow-dry your baby hair

After wetting your baby hair, using both your middle and index finger, hold a section of your dump hair at a distance of 2 inches from your hairline. The next step is to pull out the hair and then to use the dryer, blow dry for about 3 seconds and then cool air for 3 seconds. It's worth mentioning that the baby hair is usually fragile; hence the alternation between hot and cold air helps prevent the delicate strands from burning.


  • Hairspray the baby hair

After blow-drying, using hairspray, take a soft-bristled toothbrush, and then apply the spray onto it. Using the toothbrush horizontally, brush the baby hair gently against the hairline. In case you don't have hairspray, you can always use either an edge control gel or styling cream instead. Using either of the two, apply a bit on your fingertip and use it to smoothen your baby hair. Congrats that you finish the baby hair by yourself! You can move on to wig install!




We hope this article was informative, and it's going to help you enhance your look by styling your natural hairline with baby hair while at home.