Conclusion First.

1–3 Years

Two things you need to consider!!!

  1. Hair quality
  2. The way how you treat your hair


Keep that in mind:

Honestly, You get what you pay for.

I have deal with hair business for years, and have my own brand.

You can go search any wig/hair on Alibaba or

Cheap price comes with cheap quality, most of their review are fake .

First you need to learn from their market is that there are lots of merchants are struggling from price and competition, it turns out a vicious circle.

  • Hair quality

Someone mention there are lots of grade in this market(6A 8A 10A), it is totally a bullshit!

No such a standard of how to measure hair’s quality, because any one can name their product themselves.

Reviews can be faked/Comments can be faked/video can be faked.

There are one thing and one thing only cannot be faked.

True post of clients cannot be faked

So how to find the true client’s review? go search them on IG or their site’s gallery, you will get yourself an answer.

  • Treat your wig as your family.

I always say that to my clients, if your wig is one of your family member, would you still bleach/dyeing/coloring/crimping/straightening frequently?

You need to maintain your wigs as they are rootless, they need for care like a orphan.

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