• Economical on cost
  • More durable than weaves
  • Little or no glitches on scalp and hairline
  • Can be put above hair
  • Essential to cancer patients
  • Easy change of hair color and style
  • For a natural and credible look
  • Enhances snugness


Preferring to buy and put on a wig instead of a weave is the best choice to make.Those of us who have experienced can testify this. It brings to you so many advantages that you can put on a wig all year long.

In this article, I will tell you some of the pros of choosing a wig as opposed to a weave; Saves time Putting on a wig is easy and quick. This is because its procedure is short and straight forward. You only need a few minutes and then you are done.


Thereby, you save a lot of time that you could have taken while waiting for the weave to be sewn on your head. In addition, you can put on the wig yourself without necessarily visiting a salon. When you need to change your hairstyles frequently, a wig is the best choice. This is so due to the fact that it is quicker to wear a wig and look different than wearing a weave. You can buy more than one wigs to change anytime you want. Similarly, you only need to wash the headgear and put it on. After all, only a little of your time will be spent to fix your hair.


Economical on cost

When you buy the best human hair wig at the best price, you will automatically save your money. The little you spend and the value you get are actually maximizing on every dime you spend. Wigs are very convenient and effective in terms of cost. Furthermore, you save some bucks since it is not necessary to go to the salon. You can fix your wig on your head at home without the assistance of anyone. A wig is more valuable than a weave. You can put on a wig over and over again without it being damaged or losing its looks.


More durable than weaves

Human hair wigs have a relatively longer lifespan than weaves. This is due to their high-quality making. At night you can take off your wig to avoid any frictions while you sleep. Therefore, if really would like to get value for your dollars and for a long time, spend them on buying a wig. You will never regret your decision.


Little or no glitches on scalp and hairline

Hair wig creates the illusion of a scalp and a natural hairline in order to reduce chances of experiencing glitches. This ensures that your head is kept secure from any infections or dandruffs. This is not the case with weaves because a lot of dandruff, itching and even skin rashes is formed on your scalp.

Shelahair Color Bob Wig

Can be put above hair

Whether you have a long or short hair, it is easy to put on the wig over it. On the same note, you can reassemble the wig anytime you want especially at night. This ensures that hair friction is reduced and free air circulation over the head is maintained. As a result, chances of aging of the wig are greatly reduced.


Essential to cancer patients

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy will definitely lose their natural hair. A wig can be a very effective way to cover their heads. Your hairline will be protected and restored as well as avoiding skin infections on your head. There are those who cannot stand the sight of their bald head. It is in these dire moments that wigs become very helpful. Since they are easy to put on and have reduced chances of head infection, cancer patients will find them comfortable.


Easy change of hair color and style

During occasions, you can easily change the color and style of your wig to suit the event. This, therefore, increases your flexibility to look classy and fit for all your occasions. On the other hand, a weave is unchangeable to different colors or styles. That is why it is beautiful choosing to have a wig instead of a weave on your head. For a weave, you just have to get a new one every time you want to spot a new look.


For a natural and credible look

A wig will always give you a natural and authentic appearance wherever you are unlike a weave. The current best hair wig resembles your natural hair so very few people will notice the change. This assures you a unique and authentic style that a weave would not match. It is worth noting that you need a proper placement of the wig in order to attain a great look. Master the steps of installation and enjoy the best looks.


Enhances snugness

If you need a comfortable and satisfactorily hairstyle, choose a natural hair wig and forget about weaves. If you place it properly and securely on your head, you definitely achieve your objective. Proper installation of the wig will help you avoid mishaps and look good. This is ensured because you do it yourself without any hurry or confusion to suit your desire.


To sum up, it is important to take into consideration the many benefits you get from choosing a wig. The above advantages of wigs leave you with only one option: to buy one of our wigs and wear it. You are assured of not only a nice look, quality and long lasting product but also affordable deals.