People are all talking about transparent full lace wig in 2020, but do you really know what is it and why to choose it? Transparent lace is a new trend recently, and more and more hairstylists would suggest you choose transparent lace too. Let's learn more about it today. 


What do I need to know before I purchase a transparent lace wig?


First, You had better know what's transparent lace and why choose it.


·What does transparent lace mean?

Transparent lace wig consists of a transparent lace background and this lace is basically no color on it. When you put it on your skin, it fits our skin perfectly. So you can find the color of this lace is the difference between a transparent lace and normal medium brown lace. On our Shelahair online wig store, we offer 2 lace colors for you to choose. 


·Why I choose it?

Let's learn more about the benefits of the transparent lace wig.

  • Blended well

If you buy a transparent lace wig, which can give crown confidence for you. That is because its lace color can fit more skin colors well. 

  • Best Swiss lace

And the most important advantage of transparent lace wig is the breathable and most comfortable Swiss transparent lace we used. 
  • Protect your own hair

Hair transparent lace wig can also help you protect your virgin hair out from excessive use of heat and manipulation.

  • Different Types to choose

There are various types of transparent lace on the market, such as lace frontal wig, 360 wigs, full lace wigs. 


Why choose a Transparent Full Lace Wig?


·What is a full lace wig?

People always talk about lace frontal wig and full lace wig, so the distinction between these 2 wigs is that: For lace front wig, there is only a lace of 13x4inch or 13x6inch cover on the wig cap. For the full lace wig, the lace covers the entire wig cap. So if you purchase a full lace wig, you can have more flawless hairstyles on it. 

·Why I choose a transparent full lace wig?

  • Versatile flawless hairstyles

The whole wig is handmade full lace, you can see no tracks on the whole wig. Wearing a full lace wig, you will have more choice of hairstyles, updo hairstyles, parting from front to nape, or you can do any parting like middle parting, side parting, even parting on the back to do braiding hair. The whole handmade full lace can help you keep it look natural and just look like your own hair grow up from your scalp.

  • Full lace wig is lighter than lace closure sew-in wig

When some women wear a lace closure and bundles sew-in wig, they feel too heavy and thick. Then full lace wig is your must buy. It is a light but looks natural hair volume. 

  • Breathable and most comfortable

The most important reason to choose a full lace wig is the most comfortable Swiss transparent lace human hair wig, also it is full handmade not weave sew in wig. You can find no tracks, no weave, nothing "wig look". It can help you protect your scalp skin when you wear a wig